1 CHESHIRE BG Bosnia 1992/93

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Hitch, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Anyone here former 1 Cheshires?

    I am seeking to contact Op Grapple veterans as I am building a website on the British UNPROFOR mission. My aim is to publicise the efforts of the British serviceman in Bosnia before they fade from public memory. In particular I am interested in any photographs or stories from anyone who served with 1 Cheshires in Bosnia during Op Grapple 1.

    If you can help me by sending me any decent scans of photos (preferably at 300DPI or 600DPI) with a description and an approximate date it would really help me out. Of most interest would be imagery of activities such as patrols, medical help, refugees, guarding camp, etc. I am not really looking for photos of "this is me standing in front of a tank". Alternatively anything else you feel able to contribute, such as suggesting some suitable points of contact would also be welcome.

    Please PM if you can contribute. Cheers!
  2. good reference book would be "White Warriors" plenty of photos and accounts written by the blokes themsen, my copy in garage somewhere
  3. BUMP!!!
  4. You might also take a look at Knights in White Armour. Some good stuff in there.
  5. Thanks, I will. I actually slightly know the author, but had no idea he had written on the subject.

    Are there any Cheshire veterans from this period lurking???
  6. CLEANSE THEIR SOULS by MONTY WOOLLEY , more 9th/12th lancers but attached to the cheshire BG
  7. Thanks. I am familiar with most of the books but I'm more interested in imagery and unpublished personal accounts. Appreciate it though.
  8. Hi I was in anti-tank platoon 1 Cheshire in Bosnia 92-93.I have some good photos I just need too scan them to my pc.Your more than welcome to them if it helps.I did time in Vitez,Tuzla,and Sarajavo and some more i cannot spell. :D
  9. Cheers! I'll send you a PM!
  10. Hitch are you still setting up the site mate? I served with 2 R Anglian op grapple 4 vitez, gv, Jelah, Tuzla.
  11. If you are still searching I could send you some photos, but I was a sapper working on camp construction in Tomislavgrad, Gorni Vakuf and Vitez from Op Grapple 1,3 and 5.

    Most of my photos are to do with cranes,plant and construction.
  12. Hi,

    I was also in the Anti-Tank platton and served under the mighty Bob..Got loads of pics
  13. Hi,

    I was in the Tanks at Gornji Vakuf. Bloody cold hey!!
  14. I was at Tomislavgrad when the Serbs shelled it over the 92/93 New Year. a Rain of 152mm on our location - not pleasant. I think I have some photos of the Eng Vehicle Park post shelling!