1 (BR) Corps Combat Supplies Bn

Discussion in 'RLC' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Fondly known as Complete Surprise Bn, my first posting, and the one I look back on with the fondest memories. Served there in the late 70's, spent the majority of my time at Pombsen/Nieheim with 43 (RP) Coy and occasionally revisit to sink a few steins in contemplation.

    Are there any other ARRSER's who served with this august and revered unit? I imagine there can't be many of us left now.
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  2. what does the RP stand for?
  3. CF,

    Replenishment Park

  4. Cheers... Ithought for a moment you had a whole company of Regimental Police :D
  5. PAW - me too. 44 RP Coy. Depot 90 Sennelager during the mid-70's and when people said don't walk on the grass it was meant to save your life due to the amount of WW2 UXO's lying around. Oh and the annual WP fires.

    C-F - RP's were deployed from Depots to War Locations at a late stage during Military Vigilance or at an early stage during Simple Alert. They held the balance of 1 (BR) Corps Combat Supplies (Ammo, POL, Rats) There was also an RCT Composite Maintenance Group (CMG) which held C Sups on wheels.

    The Zum Schultheiss in Paderborn was the watering hole of choice and I can still see Doris in her red one-piece jump suit :D We had an unusual Occifers Mess at the time as nearly all of the livers-in spoke German to a decent level so we didn't actually have to rely of the Sennelager Teachers' Mess to dispose of our dirty water!

    I was there during the long, hot summer of 1976 and life was good 8)
  6. RM

    I arrived there just in time to deploy on Ex Spearpoint 76. We used to manage thousands of tons of ammo, zillions of gallons of packed and bulk fuels, and acres of compo using just a few Kalazamoo Binders and a few packs of lorry chits. Replen used to be enabled by the simple process of sending a simple paper return, listing stock levels, back to Corps HQ by DON (R) (sic) each night, following which 10 Regt RCT would poll up the next day with the replen.

    Oh that life were so simple nowadays.
  7. PAW I thinks i know you. 43 RP coy brings back memories. 1976/77 happy days indeed. I was lance platoon full screw AT and im pretty sure you and me went on the piss many times. If you are who i think you are do you remember Marlis and Hannelore, and boozing in the Schwartzer Pherde in a small village 20 minutes from Neheim? When we came out we saw the sign "out of bounds to NATO operators"and both of us said to each other "if anyone finds out about this we are in the shit!" Names from the past Alan Douglas, Taff Gray, Chris "yuley" Brown, Cooky, Rob O'Byrne, and the unforgettable Dudley. If your initials are DT then Personal Message me, can have a chat about old times, all the best Ratzo.
  8. I was there as well - in the sh1thole camp in Hameln. I will pm you later! :D
  9. Wasnt there in the 70s but had a top time there in the early 90s as the Lance Platoon Sgt. Actually locked the gate at Neihem when we finally left.

    Memories of spending all day clearing snow from the hill, getting to the top to relieve the guard and then doing it all again the next day!!!

    52 Ord Coy 5 Ord Bn.
  10. There's a few names that I recognize. Mine being one of them :)
  11. I can only hazard a guess as to who you are but I have a sneaking suspicion that you would have worked with Mick FXXXn, Dave HXXt, Barry Moxxan etc. There is a reunion in Pombsen in a few weeks time - I'm sure you would know at least 3 or 4 of the returning drunkards.
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  12. Yes, know all those guys. Sadly I live 'down under' these days so not that easy to pop over!

    Have one for me at the 'Deutches Haus' or did you hand out at the other pub ?
  13. I was at Niehiem, 81-83, not Lance but steam driven... (Mind you, all that time includes the Falklands & my first upgrading)
    Does anyone remember those Fridays spent in NBC gear? Fantastic unit, made my liver the monster it is today.

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  14. My first posting was 44 RP as shitty little jobs occifer in 1972..

    I built half of the wriggly tin ammo shelters and most of the simmo! (or wandered around prodding them with my stick - as you did in those days wearing a dashing blue cravat!)
  15. My first posting in 82. Bn HQ. Lived in the block with the rifle racks in the corridors. Remember the quality Brunches in the cookhouse at wochenende, and the excellent bratty wagon. 'Appy days!!