1 Arty thinning out


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As I understand it, GMLRS and most GBAD is pretty safe, however AS90 is going to take a hammering.
Not what I've heard mind, 39 disbanded and 3 RHA to take over at Albertraz. Apparently posting orders have ready started being throw around.


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Yeah well, throw seniority into the mix and steam gunnery will have some fallout.

What will probably happen is that Battery Titles at 39 will change, there'll be a change of capbadge, the officers will sew ball buttons to their mess dress and those currently in 3RHA will find new homes (if they haven't received brown envelopes). There will of course be some cross posting to ensure that the "golden thread" is sageguarded.

Cynical? Moi? (not a dillitante either)....
26,39 & 47 all to go. TA will get some AS90 to look after remainder will be mothballed! Gnrs to lose a third of Regt's We have 15 so 5 to go!!!! What others will perish I am not sure also not sure if 40 who are gone will be counted as 1 of the 5. You heard it here 1st,maybe.
Why would 32 merge with 39? They're both different systems, it would make more sense for 32 and 47 to merge into a super UAV Regiment.

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