1 AAC photographs

I'm after a favour from anyone who is based at 1 Regt. I lost all of my photographs of the camp after the HD they were stored on died on me and Google Earth just doesn't do a good enough job. I only left there (and the army) 4 years ago but I'm already getting nostalgic. Can someone help me out? Just general shots really with the emphasis on the hangar (inside and out), pan (looking back towards the hangar), Wksp HQ, the old AWD building on the east corner of the hangar, NAAFI - things like that. You've probably guessed that I was a BAT but please don't let that put you off helping me out :)
I've been working on that fly-powered plane you posted instructions for last year Flash. I started my own company (Muscair) in the summer and have since picked up a Queen's Award for Industry and have recently started tentative talks with NASA after I found out on Google that flies fly faster in a vacuum. Busy, busy.

I have the pics now Taff. Cheers anyway.

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