1.8 Focus TDCi problems

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by KeepCalmCarryOn, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. To keep this short and sweet...

    I was travelling down the motorway a couple of weeks ago, doing about 75mph. Tried to put my foot down to overtake, and there was no acceleration. Very slowly the speed dropped until i was at 60. Dropped into 4th gear, still nothing. By the time i got to a services i was at 55mph. Got out, had a brew, started her up again, no problems.
    Anybody have any suggestions what might of happened? Its 06 plate, had enough fuel/oil/water etc.
    Since this incident no further problems, as yet. Need suggestions before i go to a garage and they say its something crazy that will cost a fortune to fix.
  2. Sounds like something is up with your Turbo, might be anything from a small leak which will cost pennies to fix, to it being screwed and working intermittently, as you go on, it will become more frequent if the Turbo is knackered......By the way, you didn't buy it off a bloke called Mike Golden did you?.......... :wink:
  3. My focus came with a 3 year manufacturers warranty so I assume yours is still covered. Get it looked at while it's free.
  4. I had the same problem with mine, the engine just cut to idle and wouldnt do anything else. On starting the engine it would run normally for a while and drop to ground idle again.
    The throttle pedal has a sensor on it and if it goes wrong it causes the fault above. Cured by changing the pedal.

    Hope that helps.
  5. It could be as simple as a malfunctioning airflow sensor. But Popado's right - take the car to your dealer and have them plug it into their diagnostic scanner - it only takes a couple of minutes for them to check.

    Beware, however: I've had a similar problem recently - admittedly on a Toyota - and my dealer's service department came to the conclusion that the injector pump was knackered and needed replacing at a cost of c.£500. This seemed a bit much to me given Toyota's reputation for reliability, especially as the car only has 47,000 miles on the clock, so I went for a second opinion at a local garage. 2 minutes on his scanner showed that it was indeed a faulty airflow sensor. He simply cleaned the contacts & the engine hasn't missed a beat since.
  6. Thanks all for the comments. Will be taking it to a garage ASAP. Hopefully wont be anything serious!
    And no, i didnt buy it from the Golden boy! May have a low post count, but i know all about Mr. Walt para w*nker. Bought it from an Evans Halshaw dealer near Darlington (Not posted there, just where i live). Being second hand, and having 42 thou on the clock, it came with 1 year warranty. Darent drive it back up north from where im based though, due to it being 260 miles. Will take it to nearest Evans and see what they say.
  7. Did it illuminate a small spanner symbol on the dash when it happened?
    Normally when a Ford does this it is the ECU switching over to limp mode, when you turn off the ignition and restart it re-sets and runs normally until the fault occurs again.
    These faults can be a pain to find, even with the proper dealer diagnostics, the 1st thing I would suggest is to avoid using supermarket fuel while you find the fault.
  8. Nope, there was no dash illuminations. It just wouldnt go past 2000 rpm. It would accelerate up to 2k rpm then no further. Gradually, and i mean very slowly, it started to drop.
  9. :?
  10. Despite claims that supermarket fuel is the same as the like of Shell or BP forcourt fuel it isn't.
    My TD5 Discovery uses 10% more fuel on Tesco or Asda fuel than it does on fuel from Shell or Esso stations nearby.
    Supermarket fuel also seems to be causing injector problems on common rail diesels. There is no written evidence to support it but it is something I have noticed with works vans. We use Tesco Fuel Cards and is amazing how quickly they develop injector faults. Injectors are anywhere between £250-400 each.
    Apeaking to a couple of mechanics around the country has led to similar conclusions. Like I say, no concrete evidence but lower economy from supermarket fuel is enough to convince me. Unconvinced? Try it for yourself and see :D
  11. Apologies to KeepCalm for slight thread hijack;

    I use Shell all the time anyway! :wink: Was just having a devils advocate moment :twisted:
  12. Does sound like either a faulty/dirty airmass sensor or the multitude of other sensors.

    Could also be fuel system. There's been a recall on the fuel system and an airlock or weak pump could also be an answer.

    Finally while they're good engines the diesel engines in the Focus are known for occasional injector and injector seal problems.
  13. Hmm, funnt thing, normally the wife fills the car at Tesco, week before last, I did it at Shell, same price, however we got just under 100 miles more from the tank full. I put it down to me being a better driver :wink: Works out at around 12% better