1/6th Scale Metal Centurion Mk5 / 2

Mrs B has gone all moist looking at the Tiger. She also suggests that you have a look at Mk 1 Tanks as she finds that their webpages get the juices flowing :)
From the website - "The average weight of 100 kilos (220lbs) exceeds the weight of even their owners."
I find that highly unlikely; some of the beards will easily weight that.


I have looked at these a few times and come over all misty eyed. I want one so bad but the cost, the weight, where to put it, what to do with it are questions that, cannot, sanely. be answered. Would one be enough? you would have to have at least 2 so now up to 10,00 quid.

Who does buy them and what do they do with them?


It's surprising who has them - I have a friend who's an Economics Professor on the south coast and he's got a couple.

Have a look at the Southern Armour Group - General Discussion

There are a few companies making after-market parts, such as Armorpax in the UK and 6th Scale Icons. (Interestingly the guy that runs 6th Scale Icons in Las Vegas - Mike Stannard - is an ex-squaddie - Pompadours I think).

If you want something cheaper and lighter Dragon Models have released 1/6th scale plastic Pz.Kpfw II as a built piece and a kit, and the Sherman as a built piece.

You can see some here - Dragon - 1/6 - Vehicles
You probably know of the Heng Long r/c tanks. They're OK-ish but there are reliability problems with the electrics, the chassis, the tracks, the "this", the "that".

There's a flourishing after market for aluminium hulls, metal tracks and lots of other goodies. The company also supply ready to run models.

Tank Zone linky


There's another Hong Kong company called Verio which makes 1/6th scale metal tanks. Pretty powerful:


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