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1/6th Scale Metal 25-Pounder Model

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by JoeCivvie, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. £500!!! You could buy a real one for that (maybe)!
  2. Yes, but you'd get less grief parking this version in your living room.
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  3. I love the ads for these sort of things - "build HMS Victory!" First magazine and some bits - special offer price of £1.99. In the small print down the bottom of the screen 'complete in 700 issues, normal issue price £5.99' FFS! You've then got an 8 foot version of HMSVictory -- in the shed or at a car boot sale!
  4. Not in this case. Armortek have a good reputation for making metal static and R/C armour models.
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  5. A very long time back, I was admiring a truly stunning hand-made metal model of the 25 lber at some model exhibition. It was beautifully made; the traverse and elevation mechanisms all functioned, and the barrel even had some sort of recoil spring hidden inside the recuperator housing. The breech opened and closed, and there was even a firing mechanism that operated with an audible snap.

    The old boy who'd made it was there, and i got talking to him after expressing my admiration for his engineering skill.

    I remarked that the smell of oil he'd used reminded me of Youngs .303 gun oil. "Yes" he said, in a conspiratorial whisper, "It fires .38 revolver cartridges!". Apparently he fired it on an indoor range he'd made in his shed...

    Ha ha. I hope the old boy never got found out.
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  6. Does it fire? At that scale it could easily chamber a 9mm!

    Bugger. Just seen the above post - beat me to it!
  7. to paint or not to paint? that is the question
  8. Armortek are prolly the #1 on the planet for their all-metal scale models of, uh, armour. I suggest that a glimp of their website, or of one of their many meet-ups on Youtube would ally any suspicion about anything they produce being Hongpanese crap.

    Friend of mine builds their models for paying customers, and boy, do they look good. If you have a real need for a 1/6th scale Panther G, completely fitted out with about a thousand quid's-worth of detailed add-on bits, give me a call.

    And BTW, it is fully working, with recorded Panther sound, AND a neat blank-firer that is timed to match the ROF of the real thing.......

    £6500 to you, Sir.

  9. Given that a big plastic Airfix kit is over a hundred quid these days, £500 for a 31" long metal kit seems reasonable. Thats a real nice boys' toy.
  10. Does it come with a 1/6 th scale nails to **** Fijian manning it single-handedly?
  11. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    To make it more authentic, I think the Fijians swingers should be 1/2 scale.

    He and Takavasi (spelling) must have transported them in wheel barrows.
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