1/600 scale HMS Warspite build with pe superdetail set from WEM

HMS Warspite build.
airfix box art.jpg

using as much of the white ensign models PE set as I can cram onto the model, lets see how far I can take it, this stuff is miniscule.
pe set by wem.jpg
I opened this post excitedly, ready to offer any help required.

Imagine my disappointment!


But seriously, I can't wait to see/follow this build - what a cracking looking model! Hope the eyes survive the PE!
So without further delay, let's take a look inside the box.
tip and spill box cut open.jpg

the plus point, all parts are secure in a poly bag, the negative point, it's a ruddy tip and spill box, I find them so unhelpful, ok for frozen fish, but rubbish for a kit that's going to take me a few weeks to build.
The kit parts date from....1963, (a good year for kits, bad year for the Kennedy family, good year for the advent of little baby Sprocket.)
kit parts.jpg
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I have to admit it's not my first 1/600 ship kit fitted up with WEM PE, I started the ARK Royal, but my 2017 house move consigned it to the back of the loft and It would be easier to find the real wreck with a torch, snorkel and Budgie smugglers. So it's going to the the first one I finish, I'm determined, nothing will get in the way.

this is what PE was designed for....
quick look at some pe parts a.jpg
unsure what parts these pe pieces portray, but judging from the grooves cut for the uprights, it's well thought out.
quick look at some pe parts c.jpg
the PE frets are covered with a protective film that you peel off before removing parts, that's why they look a bit soft in the images.
quick look at some pe parts b.jpg
There is a family link to the ship, my mother-in-law (4), who died before I met Mrs Sprocket, the picture taken in 1935. When her older brother (21), who served on board, was on leave. He was later to survive the sinking of Ark Royal.
family photo.jpg

the full length main deck molding, minimum flash on the Stern. just over 30cm, so not a massive model, but compact and full of detail, it will be, anyway, small detailed models take up less display space.
main deck scale.jpg
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the early style secondary armament in small turrets at the edge of the hull
secondary armament hull side.jpg

the hull halves joined successfully due to the lack of distortion.
hull port and starb join a.jpg
with the deck joined to the hull, the whole item becomes strong, but tape has to be drawn tightly around it to draw the gaps between the deck and the hull sides closed.
deck join at the bow.jpg

deck join b.jpg

deck join c.jpg

deck join d.jpg
I did not realise that Warspite or any battle ships had underwater torpedo tubes.

HMS Rodney & Nelson also had them and it seems like they were the only ships to successfully use them. (probably incorrect, but I am only just learning about them)

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