For Inspection 1/6 scale Churchill tank

Well, the answer is there, the turret on the VII, without bulges is an early VII, with later.
Referring to the Commanders Hatch, on my model, it seems I've glued the Hatch so the covers open left and right. In the Churchill ref thread, there's a photo of the hatches fore and aft.
Just sent Silver Crest a list of possible enhancements. He was quite pleased for the critique, so hopefully some might appear in V2.
Wow! Not sure what it's got to do with Churchill tanks, but wow!
More from my trip to Silver Crest. A 1/10 scale Puma. Never went into production.
Just looking at those photos, impressive as it is, you'd have to do an awful lot of work on it, just to give the hull some sort realism. Hulls too smooth it's got no texture.
Yup no turret coax and that turret was cast/welded
Turret texture is no problem. Slap some Mr Surfacer on. That's what I would do.

The coax was on the list I emailed.
Applying Mr Surfacer is like making love to a beautiful woman. A little goes a long long way.


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