1.5mile times

Just wondering what it is for Tank Crewman (Reconnaissance) and if that time is the same as all armoured? It's just that recon tag that would make me think it might be different but maybe not.
As well as AAC because just want to compare them to Inf training I did at Catterick, I discharged near the end of phase 2(U18) so I think I could probably go off those standards and not be any bad off for it and be fine but just wondering, I'm debating re-joining but VERY undecided about it(i.e. do I want to start all that all over again! :roll: LOL but at least after phase 1 the training would be different so not so bad 8) ) 8O :D

Oh and do I keep my army number? I was on JPA...which last time I joined and saw people with that issue they said because of JPA they wouldnt, but being a lucky bugger I left while being on it so I do don't I? :wink:
While I'm at it, do "Tank Crewman (Reconnaissance)" do ceremonial duties? I'm not really looking to do that...

and it has only been months since I left rather than even 1 year so seeing as it's within 1 year can I skip selection course :x or is it from scratch again, day 1 walking into recruiting office all interviews/selection etc etc etc and if so, does that chance to skip that crap taken after 1 year...becuase the one year mark is not gonna be far off by the time i'd bother to join up again :cry:
well cheers...however is "R IRISH, RE, RAC/HCAV, RA, REME- Up to 13:15 mins" covering Tank Crewman Reconnaissance as well? if yes then jolly good for me 8) but was just puzzled as to the Recon bit but perhaps it's majorit-ily?(if thats a word :p ) off the scimitar...

see it was because RAC was left no space before typing HCAV that meant search for RAC alone didn't bring it up :wink:

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