1.5mile run and lunge test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by digimate, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. right, 2 questions!

    first one is about the 1.5 mile run believe it or not. i can do it in about 11.30, but heard that if you walk even the slightest bit you fail, is that true even if you get under the alotted time?

    and also i was told that at selection i'll need a lung funtion test, just wanted to know if i had anything to worry about. its just on the sheet that i was given it said that wheezing will not work in the millitary and before i got the sheet and was told i didnt notice anything but after my run 2nite i noticed that theres abit of a slight wheeze, but could that be due to the cold? do only chronic asmatics fail this test?

    wow, can ramble on.

  2. to your first question. if u walk or stop thats an automatic fail irrespective of your time. they failed me on my first time due to this
  3. digimate,

    Here's the benefit of my wisdom:

    Stopping during the run does not lead to an automatic fail, but it is frowned upon and will be scored against you when the staff at ADSC make their decision as to your compatability for Army life.

    Light wheezing during physical exertion is quite common and on it's own does not necessarily mean you are asthmatic. The lung function test is a better indicator, although some asthmatics can score quite highly on this test. You probably won't have anything to worry about. I have wheezed quite often during phys, but then I'm an old bast@rd!

  4. cheers for ya help,

    i was probly jst abit paranoid and worrying over nufin.

    can the NCO's at adsc tell the difference between a pretend jog at walking speed? worked during cross country at school
  5. In my 1 day assessment prior to ADSC we were actually told that "if you must move at walking speed, it is possible to jog at walking speed".

    Whether that counts as an official endorsement or not, I'm uncertain.
  6. Im going to ADSC on monday, crapping myself but also excited, Im worried about the run too :p
  7. I was told the same at mine. Your run time is your run time at the end of the day, but if you walk ANY of it i think its taken as a certain lack in character. As was said before, you can jog at walking speed.

    Never heard of the lung function test though, could someone clarify it for me?
  8. Yeah sure. All you do is blow as hard as you can down a tube and it takes a reading.
  9. Cheers fella, nothing like a late night arrsing around!! :D
  10. its only 1.5 miles mate just give it your all and go for it
  11. onAs Jase said, go for it. If you can do it in 11.30 then you really need to be doing it about two minutes quicker. The pass mark after training is 10.30 for under 30's, but you should be under this really. Walking means that you are not giving your all, its only 1.5 miles and it is not meant to be comfortable, you should finish it having run your heart out and ready to puke. Mark a route at 1.6 to 1.7 miles and aim to get in under the time, you will then have no problems on the run.

    I have massive problems with the blow in a tube test, and I have no breathing difficulties at all, I think part of it is about technique. If you have concerns then get hold of one and have a few practices, you will get one from the local medical centre.

    Oh and good luck.
  12. Where are you going for ADSC?
  13. im goin pirbright for selection
  14. Lung function test. If you have the same one, as me due to a history of asthma. All it is they make you do 3 blows into a computer it measures your lungs (note just keep blowing even if you feel theres nothing left). They then put you on a exercise bike for 10mins i think it is, You will wear a mask (like the ones they use in hospital) This is so they can make you breath in cold air. When they take you off the bike quick drink of water then you do 3 more blows you should see a difference. Due to your lungs can expanded better after exercise.

    Hope that helps.
  15. yeh that does help thanks!

    i take it you went through it fine?

    how long ago was it from when you took the test you had asthma?