1.5mile run (again sorry)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by barber1989, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. am i doing the right thing by running 2 miles and tryin to get it done in 12 minutes...cos i can do it in bout 14 minutes....once i can do that im guna try and do 2.5 miles in as close to 12 minutes as i can

    then do a 1.5 jus b4 i do my fitness test and see wot time it is....

    also i have a really poor upper body strength....i can only do 14 pullups, 3-40 situps and around 16 press ups :( , i have no idea how to build it up or reps or anything please help :x

    also im about 6 ft tall and only weight 10.5 stone...im really skinny and do not like it at all...hardly any muscles at all, has any1 got any dietry plans or anything to build my self up, ive been eatin ALOT of pasta,rice and jacket potatoes...am i goin the right way??
  2. Barber1989. If you search in this forum you will find many threads on this subject in recent weeks. Go look.....
  3. If you can do 14 pull ups but only 16 pres ups you are doing one of the exercises with the wrong technique
  4. i think i am...i feel alot or strain on my wrists and shoulders but i dont no wot im doin rong
  5. The foods you've listed are mainly carbohydrate based. You need proteins and fats to build muscle. Do you find it difficult to put on / keep weight? Whole eggs, red meat (beef, pork etc), poultry, fish and dairy (beans/nuts are also a quality food source). Try to eat quality sources (if feasible) rather than burgers and kebabs. Add cheese / butter to your pasta / rice if you feel you have a really fast metabolism.

    Eat regularly and consistently. 3-4 main meals a day. Snack on quality foods (<dry> fruit, sandwiches etc) if you're hungry inbetween meals. Keep yourself hydrated, plenty of water (add squash if it bores you). If you can be arsed keep a rough calorie diary to see how many calories you need to eat daily to support say 1-2lb weight gain a week.
  6. With an opening question re. 1.5 mile run (again sorry) proves you've been on ARRSE before and have seen similar threads. Now you're spelling like a cnut. Why not pretend to be Roberta Winterton or ask how to pack a bergen?

    Yep, this is a wah...
  7. i have a really fast metabolism i wud say, i read somewhere that 1g of protein/carbs=4calories...is this correct?...my diet is carbs based...personaly i think i eat small portions, which fill me up for say...30mins...is this right? i constantly feel hungry...but id say i eat quite alot...help :S
  8. Yes above is correct, 9kcal for 1g of fat. A proper balanced meal should stave off those feelings of hunger for about 3-5 hours. You need to eat before you feel hungry though.

    http://www.ars.usda.gov/Services/docs.htm?docid=9673 (energy - calories)

    Most calorie information should be on the package. Anything else you can find on that site. As mentioned above work out how many calories you need to eat daily / through-out the week to support 1-2lb weight gain. After a week or two you'll have memorised meal combination calorie totals and only take a few moments to keep your log updated.

    Some easy math, stuff your face, drink lots of water, train progressively, quality sleep each night.
  9. If your really skinny, go to the gym and take weight gain + protein and also have carbs i.e. pasta, so you don’t wear yourself out. If you want a mini diet give me a PM :).

    Pressups concentrate on - triceps/shoulder/chest. No problem to do them mate, don’t go straight to heavy weights as because its better controlled than heavy and injuring yourself.

    Situps concentrate on - lowerback/abs and also abit of leg work on the thighs.

    Running - well everyone knows that just have to keep running miss aday then run miss aday then run etc etc.

    Should have it in a month, if you don’t miss anything off.
  10. beginning to wonder if you aren't, in fact, taking the piss now.... how many threads about basic fitness and 1.5 miles are needed.. ?? :roll:
  11. This guy reminds me of myself, decent at running, did 1.5miles today in 10mins 55 seconds. Not been out running much because i don't really need to but im trying to keep to doing it once every 2-3 days. Question though, is going out doing 1.5 miles per day enough or should i be doing more? For example, maybe doing 1.5 miles twice (doing it once, 10 min break, doing it again) or doing 2-3 mile runs sometimes?

    My upper body is also shite, can't say i've ever attempted a pull-up (nowhere to do it), can do 30-50 sit-ups without stopping but only about 15-20 press-ups. 15-20 is not bad though considering just 1 month ago i could barely do 5, i guess.

    Is there anything else i should/could be doing that would help get that 15-20 up to a decent figure? or should i just keep to my current "doing as many as physically possible within an hour every day that my arms are not already aching from the previous day" routine...

    Not sure what i'm going in for at the moment, be it Infantry, RA, Reme, Signals... (not done RSC yet or the "Formal interview")

    Btw, sorry for stealing your thread, Barber.
  12. hey i dont mind :D, same here with the pull ups i dont have a place to do them. but press ups n sit ups jus keep tryin, and the "10 press ups per advert thing", i do that, i read it on here some where..it helps :D
  13. Re. running - for speed try fartlek and interval training. Fartlek is your normal run, pref with a few hills thrown in for a laugh (!), then broken down into sprints, runs, jogs and walks. So start of jogging for 5 min, run at 80 percent effort for two minutes, walk for thirty secs, jog for 5 mins, 80% effort for three mins, sprint at 100% for 30secs or a min.
    Figure out what you're gonna do before you start, it's easy to spend an hour jogging, sprinting for 20 seconds and calling it a day! Start of with one seesion a week and build up.
    Interval training's best on a running track. There's countless posts here about it, have a dig around for a better description than the one i'll give you, which is: (on a 400m track) 1 x 400m in (x) time, 30 secs rest, 2 x 400m in (x) time, 30 secs rest, 3 x 400m in (x) time etc... until you can 6 (or as many as you're happy with, I do a max of 6 because it's 1.5 mile and i'm not a naturally gifted runner, though some of my friends who are do up to 9). Do this once or twice a week.

    Note: Don't attempt these until you're used to running, have disciplined yourself into knowing what you are and are not capable of, and have warmed up properly.

    As for push ups, pull ups etc, the best advice is to just do them, yeah you can go to the gym if you want and it will help you, but like the Nike ad says: Just do it!

    Watch your diet: Thermo_Man posted an excellent dietry regime on here a few weeks back, maybe PM him or track down that post, its a good starter.

    And watch ya knees! Enjoy
  14. I think i'll look like a bit of a knob if i run down the street staring at my knees... :roll:

    Thanks for the advice though Morty, sounds good.