1.5mile fitness.

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I've managed to get my fitness up so I can run it non stop but the time is awful. It's currently 14.42.

My fitness is fairly basic

Monday : British Military Fitness

Wednesday : BMF again

Thursday : 1.5 mile best effort and 1.5 mile back.

Saturday : BMF

This is very basic but it's worked but it's like I'm just plodding along now. Any ideas of stuff I can throw in there? I know this question is probably asked a lot but any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sticky threads at top of page mate!

Disco won't be happy, he's already told me off today :/
Before any dummies start getting lobbed - Interval training is what you need to get your run speed down. Sprints, recovery, sprints recovery etc etc etc.
I have gone from a 19 stone lazy c**t to a slightly slimmer 15st 6 and I'm getting there slowly. I'll give you a run for your money one day ;)

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