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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Nervous Jock, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Are being laid up this Saturday in Perth. Parade on South Inch 10.15 followed by Service and reunion up by Balhousie. Good to see any of the old boys there espec 'K' Coy & Sigs Pl
  2. Went well by all accounts...Mind the fact the lads were straight off the plane from Ex Leopard Star in Germany......

    oh And Penny...port fine for the medals thing =)
  3. It did indeed. I didn't realise the Watch colours were being laid up too so there was a good turn out maybe around 200 Association. A good service and pretty much equal billing for both sets of Colours which was appreciated by the TA guys.

    Healthy number stayed on at the Bell Sports centre after. Would be good to know if there were pics/ video of the event, not picked anything up of the associate site yet
  4. There is a few links on Y tube Posted by one of the Black Watch association .... Ferret about and thee shall find =)

    I take it your in Alpha Coy then ?
  5. Many Thanks tracked down.

    A Coy :shakefist:

    K Coy :numberone: