1,500 cars crushed in city crackdown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 10, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Nice to see the law being used like this however;

    I find that difficult to believe, nothing will ever make insurance premiums fall in general. My brother in law was told his car insurance premiums had increased due to the Twin Towers atrocity (this was while he worked at an insurace company ffs). I wasn't aware that his ford Fiesta had anything to do with it.
  3. Wonder what the effect will be on car theft, though. Almost certainly means that insurance premiums will increase.
  4. At the moment a surprisingly high proportion of your car insurance payment goes towards the fund that compensates those affected when an uninsured car crashes. This leads to the view that no-one suffers if you don't insure your car, so why not save the money - particularly if it's an old banger and you're not bothered about damage to it. The only way to get found out was to have a crash, as there was no way to check that a car had valid tax, MoT and insurance other than physical production of the documents. Checking the documents weren't forgeries meant contacting the originators and getting them to check so it never routinely happened.

    The system has retaliated by placing your car tax, insurance and MoT details in linked databases. It is now possible to mount a camera at the side of the road that reads numberplates, searches the database and flags up - in real time - any that lack the appropriate documents. Cue pulling over and crushing. A good thing.

    However, this now means that the way to dodge paying is false numberplates - hence the controls on getting new ones. Paradoxically, although getting false numberplates raises the bar in terms of illegality it may also mean it's easier to get away with it. Detecting false plates needs the involvement of people, in other words traffic cops, who don't exist in anything like the numbers they used to as cameras do the work these days. The machine won't say "Hmmmm the machine says a blue Escort, I'm looking at a red Fiat", you need a human for that.

    It also means that when the scrote with your plates runs through the speed cameras you get the ticket. And get to go to court to try and prove it's not you - "oh God, not another motorist trying to get out of paying, it's only 60 quid etc etc" Joe Public suffers, the scrote gets away with it and only gets found out when they hit something or someone - too late in my book.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I think it's another weapon in the armoury, rather than a sliver bullet.

  6. Why? Are they WEREWOLVES too? :lol:
  8. What depresses me is when I read the local rag and check out the court pages. It seems to be filled with scrotes who are driving without a licence / tax / MOT / Insurance or any combination thereof. The result is a ban for a few months (not bad considering half of them didn't have the licence in the first place) and a punitive fine. Putting it simply these idiots have been getting away with it for too long and when the fine equals a couple of months insurance it just reinforces how much they've saved.

    Its a shame they can't crush the car owners as well. No doubt half of them are scrounging thieving scum as well! :evil:
  9. It should be a grand for no licence, a grand for no tax, a grand for no insurance and a grand for no MOT, and of course incremental in pairs or more. we are too lenient on the pondlife.
  10. .......and if you can't afford it you go to jail instead of paying the fine at £2 a week!
  11. ...err no...if, after 1 week there's no cash stumped up, then it's off with the left hand. Move on to the right after week 2 and etc. Bit like hangman. Except more painful.
  12. This all sounds like a great idea if it works as it is supposed to - sure it is a permenant magic solution and someone will always find a way around it but then that's still better then letting them have an easier ride.

    My only concern is that in some cases already the car owner / driver has had all relevant documents (MOT, Tax, insurance etc) yet the computer system has identified them as not having one causing at best the agro of having to prove you do have them and at worst some legitimate drivers have seen their car wrongly crushed.
    Again of course the cases I read about in the paper are in an extremaly small minority but lets face it none of us would like to be that one in a million.
  13. We'd have to send all non-payers to the Sharia Law enclave in Londonistan!
  14. No. Because then we would have to pay to keep the little f*ckers - and that will cost the tax payer a lot more than £2a week. Sterelise the little scrots and hopefully the problem will die out in a generation or two.

    Good Karma, one & all,