1.5 time

just wondering whats the average time for the 1.5 mile rune if your going for infantry
1.5 TIME?

The upper and lower numbers in compound time signatures need to be treated as follows:

To determine the number of beats per bar, divide the upper number by three. For example, in 6/8, there are 2 beats per measure. The pulse in a compound 6/8 will have two dotted quarter-note (crotchet) beats, and each beat will subdivide into a group of three eighth notes.
To identify the "beat unit" (i.e. which type of note represents one beat), multiply the note value represented by the lower number by three. In 6/8, the lower number (8) represents the note value of an eighth note. Multiplying that note value by three gives a unit of a dotted quarter note, or 3 eighth notes.
For example, 12/8 time would be counted: One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve.

In compound time, the beat unit is always a dotted note value. The most common compound time signatures are 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8, denoting two, three and four dotted quarter note beats per bar.

So that would mean that wibble wibble dribble blahhh.........

Try the fcuking search function.

For Infantry at ADSC it's under 12 min 45 for Infantry and between 09 min 18 and 09 min 40 for Para (depending on how well you performed in the gym tests otherwise known as PSS(R).

For an Infantry soldier under 30 years old you'll need to do it in under
10 min 30.

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