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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hardcore92, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. will be going on prac within the next 2 months and im stuggling to get my 1.5 run time to sub 9 minutes
    i do 3 5 miles run which normaly take me 35-36 mins
    and i do a timed 1.5 run and a hill session
    any ways that would help me knock off another 30 seconds
  2. Not bad for 35 miles....... :D

    I would suggest fart-leg training
  3. well as it says 3 5 no 35 mile lol
    only on arrse would somebody pick up on that haha
  4. you dont need to run a sub 9 min 1.5mile after your 3.5mile run, i think you have 9.30 to do it in, i passed with 9.13
  5. yeah but thats my 1.5 on flat without a warm up lap
  6. are you sure your gettin enough rest time if your runnin 3 x 5 milers a week? i failed PRAC first time round for overtraining and ended up running a 10 min 1.5 miler, i felt really fatigued when we was about 15 mins into the warm up.
    after that i went down to running a 7 or 8 miles cross country run on a monday then on wednesdays and fridays just doin a 2 mile run at about 80% effort usually takin about 12 mins
  7. well with 2 sessions of circuit training i feel like a zombie by the end of the week and just lack much motivation to do alot so i may well be over training
  8. try my method for a few weeks then mate, just get one big run out on the monday and some shorter faster runs during the week followed by your circuit trainin, just make sure you eat enough beforehand or you'll end up doin more damage than good
  9. my 1.5 after 3.5 miles atm is 10.03 u recon i can get this under 9.30 within a month and a bit?
  10. yeah definately fella but dont go overdoin it cos you just wont benefit from it, the weekend before you head up to darlington for PRAC just have a good rest up,
  11. I think I have ADSC Gelncorse coming up soon for paras too, im currently doing 1 mile reps in 5mins 42secs for my first x3 fartlek with 30 sec recoverys, then final x2 at around the 6min mark, ive been going 7 mile runs x2 or x3 times a week on top of this, then I plan to rest plenty on 4 days up to ADSC.

    Has anyone heard of any intake dates for the paras apart from 07.03?
  12. ADSC for paras is piss, you'll have no drama if your running 7 miles or whatever. Just get ready for PRAC after it and stuff. Apart from the March date which is full up right now the next CIC para intake is September time. See you lads there.
  13. Might want to change that to AFTER not BEFORE, darling.
    Already made myself clear in the past about the rest.
  14. Ive also been taking a lot of herbal suppliments & eating a very balanced diet having lost about a stone in the last year with my training, try holland and barrett, glucosamine sulphate, multi vitamins, cod liver oil, glutamine.

    This has been allowing my body to recover quicker & on my days off, does everyone agree with 2 full seperate days off, out of 7 for recovery, then a week before ADSC of just stretches and slow jogging?
  15. How about a retreat in India under a yogi for a few years? Maybe a kiss of the sacred koala?
    For christ sake, it isn't quantum mechanics, there is no secret formula.