1.5 Run Pirbright

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RWG1, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Do they use a proper track at pirbright or is it up down, around the perimiter?

    Also what times would i have to get on the run, im going for Household cav with a second choice of AAC.

    Recruiter told us that for Paras its 9.30, regular infantry 12.00, RAC/RE/REME 13.30, all other trades 14.00.

    Are these times correct?

  2. I went to selection a few weeks ago and it wasn't on a running track. We started at the rugby pitches and then ran around some road then back onto the rugby pitch after the second lap.

    It's not too bad of a run, a slight incline about a third of the way in as i remember but only slight, nothing to worry about thought.

    As for the run times for each trade i remember being told it was 9:18 for Paras but all of the other trades seem about right. Hope any of this helps :)

  3. helped very much, iv been training on dirt roads and have got my time down to 12.30 in the last 2 weeks, but if i turn up to discover a hill im screwed!

    Im glad im not set on being a para, 9.00's would kill me at the mo.
  4. These times are correct dont worry about being too much under aim for about 30 seconds to a minute on the good side, the most important thing is the technique.

    I run about 1030 pace for first half then pick of faster people in front of me to get round in about 930.

    Others run the same pace all the way round.

    And some blast it out for first mile or so then are knackered so come in slowly.

    Try all 3 in practice see which suits you best also whats good is before the actual test ask some people there expected times and use them as pacemakers. Normally if you run on your own you will be slower because of the lack of competition.
  5. Most recruiters I worked with and still know doing the job would not send you down to selection unless you were doing Under 9.18 Para, 11.30 male and 12.30 females for you to have a good chance of passing with slight increases maybe for juniors as we know what PSOs are looking for.
    If you are running over these times the vast majority will fail selection.
  6. 13:30 for REME??? When did that change? It was 10.30 when I joined up.
  7. This was at ACIO where they do there own tests before they let you go RSC. They might be abit softer, because you normally have a month or 2 before you get to RSC, so they can add a minute on knowing you'll have time to shave it off.

    Or maybe the times have changed because all young people are supposed to be fat these days.

    There are times listed here aswell...

    Level 1
    Run time 12.45

    Level 2
    Run time 13.15
    Royal Artillery
    Royal Armoured Corps
    Royal Engineers
    Household Cavalry

    Level 3
    Run time 14.00
    All other Arms and Corps

    Run time 9.18 upto 9.40

    Junior Entry
    Army Development Course
    Run time 14.00

    Junior Entry
    Army Foundation College
    Run time 14.30

    Sound about right?
  8. My recruiter just told me to aim for under 10 to 10.30mins
  9. I guess thats best, that way if your having a bad day you'll still do it.
  10. i hear bft is in trainers now ,is that right?cos if u cant do it in 10.30 mate,even with boots,should b the navy for u.(or the qms)
  11. Thats why when these applicants are mentioning 13-14 minutes they are going to have a massive shock when they are having to run under 10.30 once in basic then in most cases under 10 minutes when there at thier unit or they will be on Remedial PT. Thats why as a Recruiter I wouldnt send applicants down to ADSC unless they were under 11.30 blokes and 12.30 lasses as I have previously stated which was after speaking to PSO's at ADSC. Anyone over these times will definately struggle in basic and beyond and the times RWG1 have stated are minimum guide lines if totally strong in every other area .
  12. Ill try to get under 10.30 before i get there, im still waiting for a date so that should give me a good few weeks yet.

    I need to put more effort in, i can do it in 13.00 and barely break into a sweat, aiming for 10mins and under now should leave me with no worries on the day, thanks for that. Its just real real easy to take it slow knowing iv got as long as 13.30.
  13. When are you going RWG1?
  14. I havnt got the date yet, iv still got my GP medical on tuesday to sort out, when i hand in the paperwork then, i should get a call about it. Im hoping this month, but i guess probably september.
  15. i get 11.30 at selection and im going to reme.. i was carrying an injury... between my 1st interview and selection was 6 weeks i had no time to prepare atall