1.5 miles run time starting basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mrsscottie, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. what was your 1.5 miles run time starting basic and how much did you improve by the end?

    whats a good time for a female to be able to achieve by the start of basic?
  2. Not started basic yet. but i got a 10.46 on a practice run which we were takin to.
  3. I'm only gettin 12.45 at best I just seem to be stuck at that pace
  4. If you search around the Forums, especially The Fitness one and this one you will find lots of threads on improving your overall fitness. You sound like you have hit your plateau. Following the advice given on the threads already running about this will help. Also take a look here http://www.armyfit.mod.uk/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fGetStarted.aspx
  5. cheers halo I will have a look around
  6. it all depends on what you got on selection. if you ran 1.5 in 7:30 then getting 9 mins is a crap time, but equally if you ran it in 12 at selection then getting 10 at the start of basic is good.

    i aint started yet, got about 8 weeks, and im currently around 9:20, (im male tho), however iv got a few minor strains and general annoying muscles, that dont even effect my training, but im taking a week out to heal up because i dont want to start basic with problems already.

    personally, i run hills a lot.
    usually do about 3 miles in this format:

    1.5 mile then 5 to 15 hills (run up, slow jog down) and 1.5 miles back.

    bloody good exercise, and its all mental. i did an hour of hill circuits the other day (hills sprints with press ups or sit ups between each hill sprint), and even though i have the fitness to do that, it was painful from 2 minutes in right to the last one, and the last 10 minutes felt like i was running in water.
    it seriously lowers your resting heart rate and is a good change, so should help break your plateau. builds leg strength and endurance.

    honestly, at the moment the veins on my legs are bigger then the muscles on my legs (not hard though, as i make pencils look fat).

    obviously change the workout to suit your fitness. if your doing a 12 min something 1.5 your probably going to suffer a heart failure if you do 2 hours of hill sprints tommorrow.
  7. Yea it gets to a point where its mental rather then physical, i never get passed 10.50, or rarely, when i do the 1.5 but at the end i somtimes feel like iv barely broken a sweat. Its difficult to tell how long you've got to save your energy before switching to full out.

    I would think you would get a much better time at basic, the problem with the RSC is that its two days, with the run being the hardest part for most people, it should take place on day one when everyone feels up to it, rather then day 2 when everyones shattered and hasnt slept.
  8. Dellie, you're around the same pace as me - but I was told in my interview, to aim for 10.30 for the start of basic!

    I'm struggling like mad to get there, best of luck!
  9. Heres a couple of pointers I find usefull when trying to improve run times:-

    Improve your muscles with swimming & cycling. (dont take your bike in the pool) :lol:
    Hill walking (Yomps & Tabs), nothing too mad a couple of miles is enough.
    Always try and train away from home (breaks the boredom) use a gym.
    Eat properly, lots of carbs before running (weetabix, pasta, rice etc).
    Warm up properly with a slow 1 mile jog then a few stretches when the muscles have warmed up.
    Mentall preperation, a bit of adrenilin at the prospect of beating all previous run times will make a difference, try and go for broke. :twisted:

    Above all try and enjoy your training, if your not enjoying your running then leave it a few days and do somthing else like rower or crossramps.

    Good Luck 8)
  10. You should be going "full out" all the way. Why not try going balls out from the start for as long as possible till your lungs feel like they are on fire and your legs feel like they have anchors attached to them, see how that works for you, and then pick a pace a bit slower and work your way downwards.

    Dont rely on shaving seconds off when you are "in basic", you will have less rest and more work physically demanding work to crack on with then. You should be well within the time limit before you get there, this will give you more confidence to crack on with everything else, as opposed to mustering for remedial PT.

    In my opinion and its just an opinion there is no excuse for recruits joining the Army or Marines that cannot achieve the physicall fitness requirements unless you've stepped on a landmine as you got off the train, thats why we have a Navy and an Air Force, for people to sit on thier shiny arses passing post its about. :lol:
  11. Thanks folks, Appreciated :)
  12. Obviously being 35 soon I have to admit my fitness has taken a bit of a knock!! (lazyness more than anything). I orginally did my 1.5 in 7:20 Id struggle to do it in 15 mins now!!
    Slowly starting to build back up my fitness with regular 3/4 mile runs which Im doing in 6-7 mins which is shite but its how I originally began to train prior to joining regulars at 17. However Im twice that age now and be bloody inpressd if I could ever achieve sub 10 mins again.
  13. I have my 2nd interview on friday coming and they want to know my 1 1/2 time and it is about 11 minuets. I was wondering what is the time the army is looking for. The job I'm going for is REME aircraft techie

    and i have only being running for about 1 month

    Thanks in advance
  14. Bit of an old thread but just out of curiosity, im not the fittest person on the planet, but Im hoping to join as a junior entry infantry soldier, would I be failed if I walked for part of the run? even if i made it in the allocated time? My upper body strength is pretty good, cardio, not so good
  15. I can't answer for everyone, as I'm not in a training establishment but if you were one of mine (trained soldiers), then yes I would fail you for walking. I haven't met anyone who has a different view but there may be other views. Even if you are just jogging along it is better than walking. Walking is not best effort and you must give best effort. I wouldn't care if you came in well under the time,walking is a fail.
    Speak to the staff in your gym and get them to give you a work out plan that keeps up your strength but will improve your cardio. Cardio is a big thing in Army fitness. If you don't have good cardio, you will fall by the wayside in PT and all fitness tests.

    edited to make it clear I am talking about trained soldiers and as said above I am not at a training establishment.