1.5 miler.

Hello, I've been lurking on this site for quite a few months and only recently signed up. This is my first post as of yet.
I've applied for the paras and getting to the interesting parts of my application with ADSC etc coming up.

I haven't really been doing much timed running as I play football 4 times a week and cycle to work almost every day (16 mile all round trip.) so I've found it hard due to fatigue but I know in the army, especially the paras I'll almost always be fatigued and that excuse just won't rub.

Anyway, the last two weeks I've been running daily and today I decided to try a new route for my 1.5 mile (2.4km) it was nearly all uphill with fairly enjoyable terrain to run on but it was just less than 2.4km it was 2.22km (180 metres short). I finished in 8.48. I know for the paras this would have brought in over the line, just about which I'm not satisfied with, and they probably won't be either.

Is there any tips to improve my time within the next few weeks? What's the best way to train and how often?

Thanks in advance.


If you've been lurking a while, then you'll know perfectly well that there's a 300 page thread full of tips.

Use it - and consider yourself lucky it was me that caught you. Jarrod is on line at the moment.


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If you've been lurking months I'd have expected you to find the recruitment stickies and search function. Punch in your questions in the search function, it's top right, all will be revealed.


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Run longer distances than the 2.4km to build up stamina and endurance, then you can run like a mad thing (best effort) on the shorter 2.4km test distance, at least 3 times a week, but balanced with rest and food/water and try not to get injured!
May be he just wanted us to know that he can do his run inside a fair time, but was too shy to boast directly?

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