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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by aj2307, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. OK, so i went for a jog this morning, timing myself over 1.5 miles. My time, which i really could have improved if i didn't take my legs complaints so seriously; was 14minutes and 5seconds. should i consider this good as its my first time running 1.5 miles, or beast myself for it?

    be honest, no point telling me thats good if its not worth shite
  2. Believe me mate, no one will be telling you it's good, unless you are a female over 50. Even then, it's still not good, just expected.
  3. You'll be wanting to hit 9 mins or so-safe pass, and you can laugh at the knackers coming in after you..
  4. I will tell you lightly, its not too good. But just keep doing it combined with some cross training and you'll piss it soon enough.
  5. Keep doing it 3 times a week minimum and watch the minutes drop off.
  6. Thats not true at all, the required time is dependant on what part of the Army you want to join. For example the Parachute Regiment require sub 9min 40secs whereas other arms only require sub 14 mins.

    As for your time of 14mins 5 I wouldn't feel bad about it all, its not a great time by a long shot but you can only improve. I went from 9 mins 51 down to 8mins 34 in 3 weeks :D
  7. To be honest i wouldn't have embarrassed myself by saying it took you 14 mins to run 1.5 mile, ok it all depends how old you are but next time you write in make, i'd make sure i was down to under 10 mins 30 secs.
  8. When I first started running (18 years old) that would have been about my level. My resting heart-rate was about 80bpm, which I think everyone will agree is not good at all (I had been smoking clove cigarettes and doing other stupid things for a fair while beforehand). After about three months of less than intense training I had that down to 60bpm and I could do the 1.5 miler in 10:35. I can still do it in roughly that time now and I haven't done much training for about 6 months (a combination of 50 hours of shift-work a week and two months on holiday). I'm just starting up again now with the goal of getting well above the requirements in three months and I have no doubt I can manage it.

    So yeah mate I guess the lesson any slacker can get fit if they try hard enough for long enough. Just keep at it and don't get impatient, it's probably going to take you a while to see any great results but you will get there.
  9. 14.05 mins for 1.5 miles is an average speed of 6.41 miles an hour! FFS a brisk walk would avearage 5 miles an hour. Either you are obese, or you are 92 either way, I doubt you have what it takes. Sorry and all that
  10. I guess the question that he needs to be asked is this:

    Do you have any background in sports or athletics at all?
    And what sort of shape are you in generally speaking?

    It sounds like you might have to take your time but all my sportfreak mates tell me that basically anyone who's healthy (read: not fat, disabled, etc) can get fit if they're willing to put in the time and effort.

    Then again I'm no expert and I'm sure there's a current or ex-PTI/civvie fitness expert around the forums who can put you straight.
  11. When I went on the Riffles insight day a few weeks back they would not put anyone forward for recruit selection who ran the 1.5 miler in over 12mins.

    Whilst 14mins and 5 secs is p1ss poor for getting into basic if you have just started running then your times will, eventually, go down. The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up over it, train too hard and do yourself an injury.

    Its all good and well to run like a madman and get your time right for selection but if you start basic with a serious injury your likely to get discharged pretty quickly and have to start the process all over again.

    You said in your post that you have problems as it is, if you havn't already, go and see a sports physio, they will be able to help you out. If you go to your GP it will end up on your med records and could be an issue when you come to join.

    Keep training and good luck.
  12. Thats not exactly encouraging is it you Moron - Alt + F4 you ARRSE and do us all a favour
  13. Sorry AJ meant to add:

    On a more helpfull note, look again at the distance you ran, how did you measure it? and are you sure you do it accurately? Did you run on even / firm ground and did you warm up properly to get your breathing stable before running and did you use a proper digital stopwatch?

    I ask this because assuming you didn't slow to a walk at any time (this is frowned upon big time) even a gentle steady jog would see you comfortably complete 1.5 miles in 12 mins or so Also remember this is the MINIMUM requirement for fitness, recruit training gets a whole lot worse.

    Best of Luck
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