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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nooklia, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I am a 24 year old female wanting to join as a CMT. I did my RSW in Oct and have been deferred til next Feb. I was just wondering how long I have to complete the 1.5 mile run? (as last at the RSW we did the bleep test) Everyone I have asked has been unsure about the timings. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Under 13 minutes I think. It's quite a lot for the girls...I don't know why, they always fly past me and get times like 09:00! Have a look around the forums, your guarenteed to find it for definite. Or the army website.
  3. 13.45 is the set time but under new guidelines this will change next year as all in the TA will need to achieve the BPFA and the new 6 mile cft.
  4. Thanks, that helps, I currently do the run in 13, thats an improvement on 15, 6 weeks ago!
  5. The 13:45 time is not a pass time - it is a go away and don't come back time if you fail it time.

    Under 13 if you have just started training is good and I am sure you will get that down quickly.
  6. yeh, to be in the 'Green' its under 13 mins.
  7. What's the new guideline going to set it at? I'm training to get my time down to below 9.30, but it gets a little hard to keep motivated when they still allow people to come in round 15min.

    Feh, the unfit lads always seem to get more attention than people that keep training hard.
  8. ...probably because the unfit 'persons' lack motivation & drive whilst training (if they train at all) so a little encouragment is often gratefuly recieved.
    Im in a similar position to you & yes its a little annoying when you put the effort in & its not noticed but at least you know within yourself that you are working hard & acheiving what is needed!....unless you need external gratification for for everything you do?! ;-)
  9. There is also for recruits the Risk reduction run, for guys they need to be under 12.5 mins and the girls under 15 mins, if you achieve this then you can enter the training cycle, but you MUST show continual improvement. By the time the end of the training cycle comes around, you need to be under 10.5 mins guys for a green and 13mins girls for a green.

    But also remember it is only a Basic Fitness Assessment, you can get red, orange or green and none are a fail, it is just an assessment of where you are with your fitness!

    On another note, where did the info come from about the 6 miler?, I was under the impression that the old 8 miler was coming back (Hurray about time!) The current 4 miler is just a walk in the park, as a medic, i awas often doing more than that up and down the line after recruits who cant make it........
  10. Are you sure you aren't me two years ago? :? I did exactly the same. However, having an aim always helps. Last year I did the Great North Run for the first time and now I go running in my lunch hour for 'fun'. You too can be like me.. :roll:

    May I ask what type of unit you are thinking of joining? Hospital, Field Ambulance, attached to someone else? As the role that you play as a CMT is actually quite different in these different situations.
  11. I am joining field Hospital
  12. Check your messages- you have mail! :wink:
  13. dont aim to do 1.5miles in under 15 minutes or whatever. aim to see how far you can run in under 15. The amount of people who dont do this then get caught out by a hill. You dont want to be scraping passes. You want to be smashing personal bests
  14. Ideally you want your times under 10 mins or there about's.......:)
  15. Agreed