1.5 mile times into distance times

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by johnnyVB, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys

    Im pretty happy with my 1.5 time at 9.55, I just did 5.5 miles in 40.30.... Is this good? Wasnt sure if the times were linked? sorry if its a noob question!
  2. Both times directly relate to your body's ability to perform aerobically (amongst other things).

    Whether either time is good depends upon what you relate it to; eg:

    (a) Your slower performances of a month ago- impressive, well done, you are improving.
    (b) The performance of a club athlete - really very unimpressive.
    (c) The Army's standard for a young trained male soldier - fail (but not by a lot). [AFTERNOTE: WRONG - 9:55 is very much a pass; well done.]

    Hope that helps.

    BTW, don't forget that many people cannot run 5+ miles at all (or 1.5 for that matter), so, depending on who you are, well done (unless you're a trained soldier, in which case, get a grip of yourself you disgusting fatbody).
  3. Cheers for the reply! Im not a soldier yet but going through the process! I wasnt completely dead after the 5 so probably could of pushed a lot harder. I was running 13 miles a few weeks back but havent been able to get out on a run due to other things cropping up. Thought i'd start off easy :p !
  4. 9.55 = pft pass, surely dragstrip?
  5. P.s 5.5 mile in 40 is an alright time. If you could get 10km in 40 minutes that would be better!
  6. Both times are fairly good by civvy standards - as has already been pointed out, a lot of people wouldn't finish a 5 miler. I also know of soldiers who are slower than that... but as a general rule I'd expect soldiers to be quicker.

    The 1.5 really tests your ability to keep up high intensity work rate so to improve your 1.5 practice running 3 miles at a fair clip and 1 mile at a really quick pace. Also chuck some hill sprints in there if you can.

    To improve your 5 mile time try doing some fartlek training (varying intensity levels) over 3 -7 miles, increasing the number of high intensity levels for the shorter distance.

    Improving your core strength will also help you improve your times at both distances - more than you might think.

    But yeah, I reckon you're doing ok - keep it up! I'm just about to start trainig to improve my 1.5 time, got 9:26 at my baseline attempt last week.
  7. Whoops, quite right, thank you.

    I was applying my own personal standards there. 10:30 for a PFT pass these days. So, our OP makes the cut. Well done him. Unless he's a her, in which case; very well done.
  8. Fair point though.....I would expect better than 10.30 but I was just being pedantic!
  9. Heh - anything less than 300 points is a fail, really :)
  10. Cheers for the advice guys, been on a few 5-6 miles jaunts lately, will try and do 1.5 in under 9.50, if i do i'll be pretty chuffed. After that I'll work fartlek training and hopefully see further improvements! I just wanna get on ADSC now! but my heaves are terrible, i struggle to do one, but always thought i had good upper body strength =/... any advice on that too would be great!
  11. Try an assisted heave down the gym if there is one. Or just stand on a chair and use that to assisst, I am sure you can find the technique on Google somewhere. How many you do on the day isn't that important but you have to be seen to give it 100%. Having said that you don't want to look a tw@t so doin 7-8 would be good to aim 4. Sure there is lots of info on here somewhere, try srarching
  12. nip down to argos and get on of those screw in bars, put it up in a doorway. just do the best you can every time you walk past, works a treat!