1.5 Mile Time

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by shake, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Lo Everyone, just posting for essentially the first time after reading your forums for a week or so, basically just to say cheers.

    Ran the 1.5 mile in its entireity for the first time tonight after a car crash in January which almost wrote off my plans to join the army all together, and im pretty sure that reading some of the advice and abuse you've given other potential recruits when discussing the run has been a big part in getting my wrecked legs to run the distance :D

    Cheers all, mong questions to follow as I get further into the joining process :wink:
  2. Glad to hear you have completed the distance, good luck to you on getting back to full fitness! :)
  3. Fetch me a tissue, that was beautiful Shake. I'll get onto Hollywood, there's a film in this!

    Well done fella. x
  4. Although what Shake didn't say was that it took him/her 45 minutes!
  5. 16 minutes actually! But for a first attempt after surgery Im well pleased, and I know that I can get it to 15 minutes tomorrow :D

  6. Thats better than some of the (allegedly) fully fit recruits we get through prior to them attending ADSC, that is.

    Good effort mate, and well done to you.
  7. what ever you've done with the sarcastic and unhelpful lofty bring him back...only playing..well done to you mate keep working hard and don't give up
  8. what is the actual criteria time for the army mile and a half as I know the RM BFT ( and Navy) for a bloke under 30 is 11 minutes 30. Not being clever- am just curious .
  9. just had a call from a mate who passed adsc at lichfield today, and he said the runtimes have gone up! some1 passed with 13 minutes...and infantry has gone up to 12 minutes! can anyone clarrify this?
  10. Whats happened is that to pass selection if your male you need 12:00 no matter what your doing (think paras still have to do sub 9:00) which has changed because tech trades used to have to do it in 14:00 mins and if your female i think its 13:00 but im not sure correct me if im wrong.

    yea i went to one of em today just to make sure i was ok for selection and fcuk me some people were getting 16mins and i know least one person dident even finnish it, and the amount of people who were walking some of it think there was about maby a third of us who did it in the 12 mins and dident walk. Dont get me started on how their icebreaker or jerrycan and heaves went.
  11. FutureSparky - Dont know if I've missed something here but how did you get to watch/take part in selection just to make sure you were ready? Are you already in the army?

    Cheers, shake
  12. No it was an insight thing. i donno if all places do it, but its to see if you atcually do wanna join the army not just convincing yourself you do when you might not atcually like it and you can ask real soldiers, so the afco can see if its a waist of time sending you to selection and in my case just to make sure im fit enough to not waist my time at selection.
  13. I think you will find he is reffering to what is known as a Personal Development day, I am one of the staff that run them.
    Basically, it is a "mock" ADSC.
    It is a place for potential recruits to come to so that we can help them work on their fitness, lower their run times, and build confidence and experience of icebreakers.
    Once we have gotten them to the appropriate timings, and the ACIO are happy that they are ready to attend ADSC, they can then go knowing they are best prepared for it.
  14. Well yea basicly, but as for help if you passed they said well done you passed but you need to keep training, so you can pass selection because you might pass here and not selection. If you failed they said you failed you need to do alot more work so you can pass selection.
  15. Pretty much the story here, except if any aspect (usually the run) is failed then the potential applicant is back again the following Friday, as we run these days each week. Everyone who attends is always advised by me to continue training, pass or fail. I have also offered to take them out running after work with me, and to buddy up with other applicants from their area to train with.
    It is not simply a case of turn up, work, then go home.