1.5 Mile time!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bath101, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry if this topic has been covered before but thought this was a little more specific.

    How much time could I realistically shave off my 1.5 mile time in 8 weeks?

    I've just run a 9:40 and haven't been training that hard recently.

    I'm planning on doing sprint training at least 2 times a week, 1.5 miles 2 times a week and a 'long' distance (5+ miles) once a week.

    Is this enough to get my time down? Do you think I could get sub 9:00 in 8 weeks or am I being a bit too ambitious? Please give any advice you may have.


  2. I don't think the subject has ever been raised before, good call. My PB (sorry personal best) was 7 minutes 55 seconds wearing lightweights and boots, I had the honour of serving with proper runners who pushed the barrier down to either 6 minutes 40 or six 6 minutes 20. I cant remember which was the record.

    R O Y A L C O R P S O F S I G N A L S
  3. 6.20 ??? Now I was (am) only a Hat, 1985 Intake, so old school squadded 1,5mls out, individual 1,5mls in, could do 8.05 in boots, was Regt Cross-country runner, but **** me, 6,20 ? is that possible? Please educate me (am now at 11.07)
  4. Ok simple answer is yes but not at the training regime you have set out.

    You need to be doing 5 miles plus at least 3 times per week at maximum effort with sprint training in-between, make sure you take a day off to recuperate.

    However dont loose sight of the fact that this test is not the only one you will have to pass, dont concentrate so hard on getting your time down that you dont train for endurance, stamina and overall physical fitness for which you are also going to be tested.

  5. Exactly as Martok said; PB are cool-however, if its true that you can run that fast, then what are you like carrying weight over long distances? Or to that end, eating a kebab or being a member of a section? Not weighing 7 stone etc.....
  6. Going back to the original question I'd say that doing the regime you said and sticking to it you would have to be very unlucky to not get your time down under 9. I've slacked off the running for the last 3 months or so to concentrate on my upper body going running maybe 3 times a week at the most and I reckon i'll still come in under 8:30. I'd say your best bet is to concentrate on longer runs 4-8 miles for the first month them bring in the HIIT for the month leading up to the run with a few practice runs in the week before and a good 4 days rest before the big day. I'm up at ADSC in 3 weeks and will be looking to get back to sub 8 mins by then.
  7. I'm in a similar situation, trying to get my 1.5 mile under 9 minutes before my AOSB (as well as improving fitness for my AOSB briefing MSFT). I was in pretty good shape about 2 months ago, but recently got very ill, lost a great deal of weight and my fitness is pretty weak now. Did a 1.6 mile, not entirely flat, run today at full pace and took 10:45. Looking for any advice on how to boost my fitness as quickly as possible as I would ideally like to be accepted into the RGR (assuming I both qualify and pass my AOSB of course!). Thanks guys!
  8. Keep hydrated
    gain weight through good carbs (pasta lean meat)
    keep hydrated
    good luck
  9. To improve you 1.5 mile run time you need to look at lactic threshold training. During a longer run your body is in the aerobic zone. By improving your lactic threshold and pushing it up you will perform better. Lactic threshold training can be performed by interval training, yes keep the longer run a couple of times a week say 5-6 mile, with interval training 3-4 days per week. But don't worry about the 1.5 mile too much, your on track at 9:40. No dramas with 9:40, it will come down in 8 weeks if you do the right training, as above keep hydrated and don't neglect you general fitness and endurance related training either.

    Best of luck