1.5 Mile Time Frustration!!! Advice please...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Well my training has paid off and my run time is down from 14 minutes 8 months ago to just under 10:30 now. I really want to be running it as close to 9 minutes as I can (looking for a commission in the TA Engineers so not really needed but I want that time) but it seems I have hit a wall and I can't get much under 10:30.

    I have taken a break from the fighting fit program (which really works btw) and am now running 2 miles a day, a jog out and then back as fast as I can manage. Then I test myself for the 1.5 every now and again. Todays fast mile was 6:50 but I am having a hard time getting it lower.

    Any advice?

  2. Join a running club with a track. They'll sort you out.
  3. Just keep going, it will come down, but progress will be a lot slower now, I remember 10 minutes used to be a point I was stuck at, then it was 9:30 I was stuck at for ages, progress just gets slower as you get fitter obviously.

    I used to run 4 miles most days though and time that, when you've pushed yourself for 25 minutes flat out, 9 minutes of hard work seems like nothing and I can remember I used to look foward to my 1.5 mile run night, now getting fit again it feels like f**king agony running for 10 minutes absolutly flat out and my 4 mile time is about 4 minutes slower than my best time.
  4. Seconded for the running club, my run times went right down once I joined one and I reached a new level of fitness that I couldnt achieve before. Try doing fartlek training, if your running along a road try sprinting the distance between two lamposts and then jogging between the next two, it will get your times down.
  5. Just keep at it mate, everyone has their limits. Maybe cycling or something similar could help work on different muscles, and swimming is good too.
  6. It looks like you need some speed training. 1.5miles might sound like a long way but you need to train at fast speeds to generate good leg speed. Some 400m reps will increase the leg spped and thus lower your PFT time.

    But keep up the longer training to develop endurance.

    Good Luck.
  7. as the guys said its not your stamina but your basic speed, try 8 * 100 metres or 4* 400 metres and work on your speed. You look like you have hit a block where you no longer need to rely on your stamina but you have to improve your speed
  8. Try mixing up cardio routine biking swimming and maybe something like boxing or kicking boxing it just might be that extra edge u need
  9. I can't recommend sprints enough.

    Sprint(or run as fast as you can) for 1 minute..1 minute rest..3 minute jog..1 minute rest. Then just keep repeating until you're knackered(then do some more).

    Doing this got me from not being able to run 1.5 miles without stopping a few times to running a timed 1.5 mile run with my recruiters in 9.01. All in the space of two and a half months.

    Try lengthening your strides aswell, should knock some time off.
  10. Farklek (spelling?) training? Worked for me until I got splints. I almost cry every time I think I have to do it all again.
  11. I was having trouble keeping my 1.5 time below 12mins. I joined Britmilfit left the 1.5 for a month or so and just went to BMF ran a 1.5 the other night and done it in 10.12min pretty damm happy with that. So join some form of running/exercise club.
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will certainly do some fartlek the next time I am out. I might replace my longer runs with long swims as I am hapy with my endurance (can comfortably run 10 miles - if fairly slowly) so I really want to get faster over short (sub 4 mile) distances. will do 3.5 miles of fartlek on friday and see how that goes.

    As for joining a running club there is one but I dont think it caters for runners of my ability, seems like most of the guys there are running sub 5 minute miles and sub 15 minute 5ks! I might just be being paranoid, I will go have a chat with them and see what they say.

    Thanks again this forum is great!

  13. Well my problem might be not even trying to run long distances :p
  14. J.

    I too have had the same. I understand your concerns about your running club - however I find most runners are really great for advice and support, and even clubs classed as "Elite" normally have a mixed bag of others in them with all kinds of abilities.

    Is it your lungs or your legs that you think are limiting you? I have had both at various stages and here is what I did about it:

    Longer training sessions (1.5 hour plus). I did duathlon training (6K run - 30K bike - 6K run). This improved my CV capacity but also got me used to running with fatigued leg muscles. The last 6K run after the bike is the killer, as the legs are numb but you are normally moving quicker than you think at the time - this builds up mental strength to continue when your want legs to stop!!! Treat these sessions like races and aim to have nothing left at the end. Take on fluids on the bike leg otherwise you will not last. Time them and a bike computer helps track progress. I did this no more than once a week.

    Sprints - I went down the park to the nearest football pitch and did laps - sprinting the short sides and jogging the long ones for as many laps as I could. I looked to keep increasing the number of laps whilst not compromising on effort, getting up to 40-50 min sessions.

    Hills - at least 90 seconds of effort to sprint up and jog down. Again treat the sprints and the hills as races and give it your all, for as long as you can. Aim for 30 minute sessions, however you may want to jog a bit longer when really knackered prior to starting again.

    These were all fitted in between the usual running sessions from the fighting fit programme which you are familiar with. I did the sessions when I felt up for it - only you know what your body is ready for at any time (short sprints or long endurance)

    Hope this helps it worked for me. As I said I was stuck at 10-11 mins but now I am nearer 8.


    PS - Losing weight is also a big help of you are carrying some extra baggage - this makes a huge difference, but you might be there already. Sorry if this offends!!!
  15. Not so dude.. I regularly (twice a week) run 4 miles and on sunday I run up to 14. Monday is then "fast day". I have just been messing with my program recently.

    Evil Calvin thanks very much for your post I will take it to heart. As for the weight I am about a stone over, trying to get it off though.. itsthe last one to go of 4 stone that I was over 2 years ago (!) and isnt budging! Anyway good advice indeed! and from everyone else too.