1.5 Mile Run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sim20, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Ok, do you have to run all of this or can you put a fast walk on at some points? I'm confident i can do it in 11 minutes just not sure i can run hte whole distance. I have my run on thursday.

    Also i'm applying for the infanty. I have passed my BARB test and once my run is done i'll be having an interview. How long does this whole appliaction take? if i pass every stage how long before i am off to phase 1?
  2. Are you off for selection or just your 1.5mile run on thursday? i did my selection on 6th september, start at catterick on 21 of october.
    Just get out this week and do some indurance work run flat out for a minute then rest for a minute with a gentle jog / fast walk repeat this 7 times or so, do some steady jogging one day run with a stady jog for half hour 40 minutes or so and wednesday see what time your doing your 1.5 mile at...

    p.s When i did my run i got my time down from 10:30 to 9:01 due to the competition aspect with the other recruits and the instructors encouraging you....
  3. Just off for the run on thursday. Then after the interviews ect should be off to selection.
  4. Do not whatever you do walk on your run it shows lack of commitment, especially for someone wishing to join the infantry. I would rather slow to a jog than walk!

  5. You will not get any fitter whatsoever in a few days. Don't perform any sprint work as you'll just tire yourself out for your run on Thursday. Just do your best effort as that's all you can do now.
  6. If you can't run 2.4km in under 10mins, especially if your joining as a grunt, you should be very, very embarressed.
  7. If you cant run 1.5 miles in one go, then you will find it extremly hard in the infantry.
  8. He will be able to reach the desired fitness levels in 3 months easily if he puts a little graft into his training. Not being fit enough at this stage suggests he's jacked on his training TBH.
  9. How do you know you can do it in 11 mins. If you cannot run 1.5 miles, I really doubt if you can do it under 12mins.
  10. If you cant run 1.5 miles in under you would not even be considered to enter the elite services of the RAF Regiment or as a penquin in the RAF. you better get the finger out laddie Bill :D :oops:
  11. You might be able to join the Navy though!!
  12. Depressing that potential infantiers are talking about not running the whole thing.

    I am in a Combat support arm, 38 years old, not exactly slim Jim, smoke 20 a day and do it in 9:45.
  13. I know i can do it in under 11 minutes because i have been doing!..i've been running everyday,and had little time to get ready for it, since my first visit to the office its only taken 2 weeks to get this far. I'm pulling my weight and training every day! 1.5miles isn't very far. i run out of steam and put a fast walk on for a few seconds then carry on jogging.
  14. Running out of steam - thats the point where you keep going on. Thats what makes you Infantry. The mental aptitude to keeping going on although you want to stop.

    I'm ex-infantry, been out six months after 12 years, and in my honest opinion if you can't run for 1.5 miles without stopping you need to train harder or take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if its what you really want or can do. You need to be able to push yourself on because when you start carrying weight on your back if you haven't got the mental aptitude sussed you are going to fall by the wayside.
  15. As been previously mentioned if you walk at all during the run you will be automatically fail the selection. Also remember that you can do up to half a mile warm up first which a lot of applicants forget about so need to start doing it in training to get used to it. You need to be honest with yourself and your recruiter and delay going down by a few weeks-months until your totally ready as the deferrment time you get for failing will be far longer than the wait till your at your peek. As I have said before I wouldnt send any of my applicants to ADSC until they were running well under 11.30 for lads or 12.30 for females and expect better for those going infantry.
    Just keep plugging away do a combination of fartlek and long slow endurance runs.