1.5 mile run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kleidis, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Hey Folks,
    I've recently applied to join tha TA (RLC), have passed the written test, and the medical, and have the fitness assessment coming up this weekend.
    When I applied, prob about 6 or so weeks ago, I'd never done any running in my life, I couldn't run 1/4 mile without stopping. I've been out jogging every second day since then, and just now I'm taking just under 15 mins (14m10s being my best) to do the 1.5 mile. Absolutely knackered by the end though.
    I've been told the absolute max they will accept is 13m 45s.
    So, was wondering, can I really make a difference in the 5 days I have left, if so what am I best doing ? Keep practicing the 1.5m, or shorter sprints, or what ?
    Also if I take 15m to do it, am I likely to be shown the door ?
  2. I should have added, I'm 28yo (and male), so need to be aiming for the under 30 time bracket.
  3. Nothing like having someone shout at you all along the way.

    Same situation as you feller, i hadn't run a meter since i was 14 and finished in an abysmal time, and for that, amongst other reasons, i took a leave of abscence to get my fitness back up.

    Knackering yourself out two days before the run might not be the best idea if you are feeling like a bag of shit for it!

    Just the musings of a fat cnut.
  4. Do 2 sessions this week of 6 x 400 metre sprints with 200 metre jog recoveries. Give 2 days between the sessions and on the day, go for it. Don't forget to warm up and cool down also.

    It will hurt but if you want to pass, but if you want it badly, you should be able to put up with the pain and discomfort.

    Good luck
  5. The RLC can write? :eek:

    On a serious note, on the day just give it your total 100% best. Run like your life depended on it and if you need to puke at the end then you've done your best.
  6. Advocating two interval sessions for someone who is so unfit just prior to a BFT is very counter-productive.
  7. I would definitely recommend you keep training, however I'm surprised to hear you haven't been able to reduce your time if you've been training for 6 weeks. What sort of training have you been doing?

    I'm a big fan of fartlek training with a friend: during your run, get them to sprint ahead of you for 5-10secs, when they slow back down to a jog you sprint to catch them up.

    I'm not trained in how to set training etc.. but if it was me and I needed to reduce my time by a minute or so in less than a week then I would do a timed 1.5mile run each day to get my body and mind ready for the effort neaded before resting 2 days before the test. With these runs keep trying to obtain the 14 minute time and hopefully, with a little caffeine and a few pain killers, you'll be able to keep up with the rest of the pack during the run.
  8. What was your abysmal time ? Might make me feel better :D
  9. If he's out jogging a mile and a half in 15 minute average time, its just a walk with exaggerated arms, not a jog.

    Intervals are the way forward, but as my esteemed Airborne friend says, doing it before a BFT/PFT/BPFA/Whatever its called this week isn't a good idea.

    Speak to your unit PTI for some suggestions.


  10. Think 10minutes and add a healthy dose of "fat cnut" and your getting there.
  11. The only advice you need, as your this close, is give it your best effort on the day. Nobody can rip you to shreds if you've never done any phys before, everyone has to start somewhere. It's what you do from here that counts, when you find out first hand how far behind the standard you are.

    If/when they show you the door, take it in your stride as you will be back for the next round of selections (I assume). When you turn up at that selection a couple of minutes quicker, they will take notice as you will have shown dedication.

    If you're committed enough, you really can't loose!
  12. Since I was having trouble just keeping going for any distance, I would just jog until I couldn't go anymore, then walk until I got my breath back, repeat until done.
    When I found I didn't need to slow to a walk anymore, I started timing myself over the 1.5 mile, initially was 17 mins. Just now I'm at about 15 mins, with my best being 14m10s.
    Before this I didn't realise I was so unfit, still do cycling, swimming and 5+ mile walks regularly, but like I said, never really done any running before, and the things above dont really get me anywhere near so out of breath.
  13. Lol, yeah that sounds about right actually....
  14. Not having a dig mate, but doing that won't do anything for your fitness. If you do that over 3 miles, it may have more of an effect, but again, you need to up the ante a bit.
  15. What I'm doing, is the most I'm capable of at the moment, I'm not walking with flailing arms... :p but after the first 1/4 mile I wouldn't call it running either, jogging I guess is more accurate.
    Incidently, I am seeing an improvement, just not as fast as I'd hoped.