1.5 Mile Run

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Quincy, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. There are a number of threads on the forum regarding this, however, it appears that each one of these threads differs.

    Some people have attended selection and completed the 1.5 mile run in 12 or 13 minutes and passed whilst others have attended and failed with the same times. Therefore, is it the overall performance through every task which is taken into account before deciding whether or not potential recruits are accepted or not?

    Im currently running the 1.5 miles in about 12.5 minutes which i know is very slow but ive got another month or so before selection so there is plenty of time to improve on this.
  2. I finished in 10min 15 secs....I'd been getting under 10 mins in practice but when we did the real thing it was through a park, over grass, uneven terrain, etc,...so it really did take its toll on me as Id been used to running on roads. Plus he made us do half the course as warm up before we did the real thing, so in effect we did 2.25 miles ! We were told then that an Infantry soldier was expected to do it in a maximum of 10mins 30 secs....
    Even though a few of us had beat that time we were then given a grilling because none of us were throwing up which the PT instructor said we would have been if we'd given 100% all the way, haha....
    It seems to be down to the individual careers office, as I did mine with a friend but he failed his cos he took over 15 mins !!! Ha, how I laughed....even all the chicks finished before him, but he didnt really prepare for it like I did.
    Anyway.......the PT instructor who normally did the 1.5 mile runs in my area was due to leave the Army so for a while there was no runs being done. My mate got a letter from the Army which basically said that he didnt have to do the run again and if he felt he was at the required level then he could continue with the rest of his application....so they basically left it up to him !

    Ive been back to the same park a few times since and can now do it in about 8-9 mins.....it may be worth finding out where it is and running the course yourself first if you're unsure about how you'll do.
  4. It wasnt tough....I passed didnt I ? Maybe it was just me then, but the running surface wasnt what I was used to....especially cos it has been raining.
  5. What time you need to achieve will depend on your job choices. I know there was a list of different trades and times on the www.army.mod.uk site, but once it got updated I think that part was removed. When your recruiter filled in your job choices he would have had access to information regarding that choice, such as; the next avaliable basic intake and 1.5 mile pass times.

    The absolute final cut off point is 14 minutes (unless you're going for junior entry, in which case it's 14.30). So if your job choice allows it, you could get in with a 13 minute pass time. However if you're going for infantry that would not be a pass.

    Ask your recruiter what time you need to acheive.
  6. Some people have attended selection and completed the 1.5 mile run in 12 or 13 minutes and passed ! They have passed because it's a number's game,and that's how sac's of sh*t slip through the net and end up serving with good blokes who have to carry them in the field when the going get's tough for them,i.e. when it start's to rain... :D
  7. Rain dear god ... how did you cope?
  8. Just so you know BurnCK when it start's to Rain just before you go out into the field on Ex,and believe Me 9 time's out of 10 it will,the blokes don't get told it's been binned and to go back in the block and play board games !
  9. Found the correct page:


    That should give you the criteria that you will need for your job choice.

    Well gag me with a spoon, I would've thought that would be much lower.
  10. Well gag me with a spoon, I would've thought that would be much lower.[/quote] Yeah Me too,it just goes to show how society has changed and how the Goal Posts have had to be moved to allow for the youngsters who have been on their playstation's for the last couple of years instead of getting out of their darkend bedroom's and doing a bit of phys...
  11. I should just add that I am one of those softie young 'uns, and even I think that time is too high. I can beat that time (who couldn't, it's a jog) and I would not think myself anyway near the fitness level required for infantry.

    Still, as I'm going for R Signals, looks like I've only got to beat 14 minutes 8).
  12. Obviously !!....Id run in a blizzard without complaining, that wasnt what I was saying. I was saying that that's why I didnt hit the time Id been getting in practice. If the weather bothered me then I wouldnt be running the 3 miles Im currently doing EVERY DAY before work, which sometimes means getting up at around 4am to do it cos I often start work at 6am !
  13. If that wasn't a bite, I'll eat my own årse. :D
  14. F**kers !! ha :D :D :D :oops:
  15. For phucks sakes....

    How can anyone get through the net doing runs at 12 and 13 minutes?!?!?! When I was doing those times I had a gut the size of Belgium.

    That seriously takes the urine - Quincy, I am by no means fit as a fiddle, but I can do it in 10:40, and I'm 14 stone and 5'10!!!

    So I'll be damned if anyone here asks "is it ok if I only manage 13 minutes?"


    I did. :x

    here endeth the rant...