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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Star79, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Ok so I went to a TA open evening just before Easter hols and been told the new process is to register online, so I'm going to do that that tonight! :D

    My query is... I'm currently working on my fitness as I really want to pass that 1.5 mile run. I timed myself for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was about 19 minutes (I know it is pretty bad but I was pacing myself) but I did a second timed run yesterday morning and ran it in 17.30 minutes, so I managed to shave off 1 minute and half.

    I know I have to go to an interview, do a barb test, medical etc before I get to selection... but just wondering if anyone has been in the same position as me, who had a crap run time to start off with and actually got it down to under the required maximum of 14.30 minutes?? (I'm female by the way :p probably dumb thing to say as you can tell by my avatar!)

    Another thing that worries me is that I might not pass my medical... but I thought it be a good idea to work on my fitness anyway if I do pass and make it to selection :D

    I want to be prepared, get more fit and do the best I can. I was told at the open evening to just RUN RUN RUN like the wind and keep running until I get to selection! So if anyone can share me their 'Operation Beat 1.5 Mile Run Time' stories or have any tips on how then that would be great!

    I'm thinking if I register tonight, I will probably have about 4-6 weeks to work on my running until judgement day...??

    Thanks! :)

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  2. Hey, Im going to selection on the 24th this month all I can say is my mile and a half time was absoloutely awful!!!! I started doing interval training at the gym with 4% incline and sprinting at 8-9 for half an hour and resting for 1 minute.....basically do that 6-8 times and over the weeks youll adjust speed/rest time and incline to push yourself....i did knocked my time to 11:30....but just done 1000meters in 2:16 so im looking to drop my time...PM me if you want
  3. Check with the PTI at the unit you want to join for some tips. Basically, get out there and run! Don't waste your time on the treadmill, get out and about for your runs. As long as you are going out at least 3 times a week and doing 20-30 minutes each time you should see improvements. Have a look online for some basic running programmes and stick to them. Make sure you do a proper warm up and cool down at each session. Don't forget to check what you're eating as well. Ease off the pies and chocolate and ensure you have a good balanced diet.
    When you do the 2.4km run don't pace yourself, just go for it! It's best effort. I can assure you that if guys at my unit aren't doing their best then I'll say a few 'encouraging' words to them as their PTI.

    Fitness - British Army Website
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  4. ODP


    Not really a waste of time - I got my 1.5 mile time down from 13.30 to 09.30 at selection just through using a treadmill. It was especially handy during the recent weeks of snow and ice.
  5. Treadmills are only good for interval training. In order to build up running speed. And that is all. You try just using a pathetic Treadmill machine and then compare it to a cross country run. Your attitude towards fitness needs to change. You must fall in love with fitness, see it as a friend, and something that you want to spend time with. Otherwise post training, you'll give up on the phys and become another fat stab.

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  6. I strongly reccomend outdoor hill sprints twice a week and a long steady session 3 times a week, just because your a lass don't forget your push ups n sit ups!! (Don't forget your push-ups aren't wide) ... Follow the army fitness program and build on it their website had the perfect routine to get you into shape! Before I became a personal trainer my run was bollocks too, knuckle down n good luck!

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  7. ODP


    It's an old debate and the two arguments broadly run along these lines...

    For: even pacing, supportive running surface, exact time and distance measurement, good during inclement weather.

    Against: doesn't account for weather e.g. wind resistance, doesn't simulate uneven running surfaces e.g. gravel and also seen as lazy i.e. the treadmill does the work for you

    I'm sure there's more for both sides but I'd still argue that it's a useful training tool. I'll admit that you can't and shouldn't use it exclusively. However, it got me well above the required standard for selection and gave me a base level of fitness for outdoor running. On that basis alone it worked for me and shouldn't be dismissed as a waste of time.

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  8. 19 minutes??? For Christ's sake that's a three mile run time. You do realise that 14 minutes is the absolute lowest time allowed, and not something to be aiming for. Use the search function on this site, or google 'interval training' for a whole wealth of information on improving fitness.
    Good luck.

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  9. I used treadmill for interval training and outside for hill sprints and runs, and ive watched my time drop :) and leg presses leg presses are good so's swimming think the main thing is youve gotta tell yourself you can do it
  10. Hill sprints... Hill sprints... Music to my ears.

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  11. I love hill sprints cant talk to PTI at TAC as hes in afgan.....so ive asked my brother haha
  12. Good for you matey, nice to see a girly taking the serious business of fitness serious.

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  13. Well you dont get anywhere in life doing bot all :), gotta keep up/try to beat the lads :D...harder you work the more you get out of your life. Well thats what ive been told :)
  14. Good attitude to have. Shame more ain't like you. Too many girls join the TA for all the wrong reasons.

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  15. Cheers :) ive had it drilled into me by my brother whos ex infantry. Probs why I am the way I am haha....ive heard alot of people join TA cause they think its drinking club and no work :S