1.5 mile run

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tooslow, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi lads well heres the story im 19 5 9'' and 11 and a half stone im in okay shape but ive never been good at running and rumour has it that i need to run under 14 minutes to get into the army for HR/ADMIN AND FINANCE I have my run in 3 weeks time and there's no way im going to be able to do it, my time was up at 18 mins but ive got it down to 15 mins is there any hope for me? i would run till i throw and show maximum effort but obviously there are standards, have you know anyone to ever fail the run and still graduate?

  2. 14 is the cuttoff point. Try doing fartlek training.

    I have cut my run time down by over 6 minutes since i started training (i used to be a fat knacker)

    You should also find you do better on the day, i found it easier with other people there as it set my pace
  3. thanks for the advice. I guess once you pass thats it and you dont have to do it again right?
  4. I am not sure if this is some sort of joke... To pass the BPFA (Basic personal Fitness Assessment (1.5 mile run element), you need to be able to do the run in less than 10 minutes thirty seconds.

    Also we do not have HR/Admin & Finance, we have AGC (Adjutant General's Corps) Military Clerks, who later in their career may specialise in certain administrative roles.

    If you are a troll I suggest you go elsewhere; if you are genuine, bear in mind you need to raise your game a little as 14 minutes is shockingly slow.
  5. This is what a trained soldier has to be able to achieve mind you, this test is completed yearly. The time to qualify for basic training may be 14 minutes, but if thats the best you can do; I think you should re-consider your career choice.
  6. First off I belive what this fellow is talking about is the Army enterence test not the BPFA, you know the sort of thing you used to go to sutton coldfield to do

    Second point, if you are doing this in 18 mins then you have a real cshock coming becuase it may be 14 mins to get in but it then has to be done in 10mins 30 once qualified

    Thirdly, my god son what the effing 'ell are you gdoing ???? 14 mins is a doodle, its running at about 6 and a half mph, thats a jog, 18 minutes is at 5mph which is tantamount to walking, the BPFA and this enterance test is NOTHING to do with fitness, its determination and bottle, frun your heart out and give 110% and you'll coast it

    Lastly, you may want to go into finance but so what, the army test is an army wide requirement, an AGC clerk has the same time as a SAS trooper to run it in, just becuase you are behind a desk you are still (said through gritted teeth) a soldier (my god that was hard to say :wink:)
  8. Fair enough, but when would you ever need to run like that anyway? I know you have to have fitness standards, but you train for weighted running (with webbing and helmets and other warry stuff) differently than you do for road running. Besides, the only running im going to do is with a set of keys straight to the nearest landy, daf, bedford or anything else the Army has spent thousands on teaching me to drive!
  9. You have no chance I have just being to the RSC and passed
    where you do your 1.5-mile run and there was people doing it in 12 & 13 min there and they did not pass and if you can’t run

    can you even do the 45 press-ups and 50 sit-ups in fewer than 2 min? And the 15 full pull-ups? You may even pass all of that and still not get picked out.

    Because there will be much fitter people there then you that want your job
    and they will give it to them before they give it to you that’s just how it is. :twisted:
  10. Too Slow,

    You have obviously herd everyone's opinon and yes you are to slow.
    Here is a tip for trying to get those run times down, though I belive you said you only have 3 weeks. Run sprints on on hills till you force yourself to puking. The RSC consists of the following things,

    Static Arm Endurance
    Holding a 14kg ammo box with arms bent at 90 degrees and holding it.

    Back Extension
    Measures back strength where you extend to restiance.

    Static Lift Strength
    Where you basicly to a standing bench press.

    Dynamic Lift
    Where you lift bar from your feet to your head more wieghts are added.

    And I do not belive you have to 15 pull ups to get into the army, as you only asked a total of 3-5 for the Royal Marines at the PRMC.

    1.5 Mile run
    You have 14 mins to pass this run, concentrate on trying to get that time of yours to 1340 and work from there. This isnt Special Operations you are trying to get in to the basic stage, worry about that. When you get pas that try to work on everything else.

    Take care, 2CB
  11. Actually lad you don't have to do fifteen pull ups - you are told to do as many as you can but you'd be surprised what the minimum is. as I said on the other thread before it got moved you can knock spots off your time in three weeks if you are prepared to put the effort in.

    i am a little disapointed that the rest of you cnuts cannot be more supportive. give the lad a chance. if he knuckles down and if a he wants it badly enough he'll get in
  12. i am a little disapointed that the rest of you cnuts cannot be more supportive. give the lad a chance. if he knuckles down and if a he wants it badly enough he'll get in[/quote]

    I do agree with you, the worst thing they can say to this fellow is come back again, if he has to come back again. Just come more hungry if you want it; it is always atainable.

    cheers 2CB
  13. listen you cnut be more supportive, if you have just done selection then you will know that you dont do the press ups / sit ups any more also as stated before the pti's dont say how many pull ups to do its best effort!
    too slow on the day mind over matter kicks in just give it your all just think 10 mins of pain thats all it is. good luck mate.
  14. Try and get a few mates together and then do a run, you`ll find you can knock your time down quite a lot, it gives you support and a pace setter and it isn`t so boring. Once your time starts coming down it`ll give you a bit more confidence in what you can achieve, and try and end the run at a pub, it gives you a surprising amount of incentive to get there quicker plus the sugar intake of a couple of pints will help rejunevate your system. I`m 42 and very unfit and can still manage it in just under 12. :lol:
  15. Good luck fella! To knock 8 mins off in 3 weeks will be some proper hard graft, just try your best and has 2CB says if you have to have another go, be more prepared don't give up. Remember "a winner never quits and a quitter never wins"
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