1.5 mile run

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tooslow, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi lads well heres the story im 19 5 9'' and 11 and a half stone im in okay shape but ive never been good at running and rumour has it that i need to run under 14 minutes to get into the army for HR/ADMIN AND FINANCE I have my run in 3 weeks time and there's no way im going to be able to do it, my time was up at 18 mins but ive got it down to 15 mins is there any hope for me? i would run till i throw and show maximum effort but obviously there are standards, have you know anyone to ever fail the run and still graduate?

  2. Good on you for trying; but 15 mins for 1.5 miles?

    Anyway one option would be to find a relatively well lit road and measure the required distance (1.5miles) then use obvious landmarks along the route for 50%, 75%and 100% effort whilst running. Try to make sure that you have at least 2X more of the 75% and 100% stretches than the 50% these should be used for recovery. Train consistently like this for the next couple of weeks allowing for a rest day and try to increase your distance to 2 miles.

    Rest for the few days before you go to the Selection centre and your regular training,natural adrenaline and a competetive spirit will help you on the day.
  3. Letterwritingmans advice is good if a little over complex.

    Work at it. Run your arrse of and push yourself harder each day. You can knock spots off your time in three weeks.

    if you fail the run you won't get in.

    There is no reason to fail the run. It is not designed to be an obstacle in the way of you joining the army but the army has to make sure you have a basic level of fitness which can be built up with further training.

    Alot of it is down to you and your attitude. I don't mean to get at you but the only one who can push you at this stage is you. Work at it. I hope you do well and get the job you want.

  4. This is very good advice! particularly the bit about spirit. There have been times in the past where, and I'm sure most soldiers can relate to this, I've been in a sh1t state, absolutely knackered and the only thing keeping you moveing is that b*stard in your head that keeps screaming at you.

    Do rest for a bit before selection. Try your best. All the best.

    I saw a bloke from the Adjutent General's Corps the other day and he was a right fat bastard - his mobile phone almost was lost in the folds of his neck- but he would still be expected to pass the basic fitness test. You say you are in good shape. If that pile of flab can do it you can do it.

    Believe in yourself.
  5. Listen to the Chaps here . Ok by army standards 15 mins is poor . But you can do it . Its down to you, We are not talking olympic standard so everyday get out and run as fast as you can for as long as you can . You work hard you will reap the benefits. 1.5 miles is more about balls than total fitness ( unless you are a real fat git ) good luck .
  6. just do your best i got mine soon as well just going 2 give my all (bit late)
  7. FFS 1.5 miles in that length of time, you should be able to crawl it on hands and feet. My advice is burn your game console, stop eating McDonalds and start walking instead of getting public transport or your Daddy's car. I ran 1.5 in boots in 8 minutes and 50 seconds when I was 22, so you need to lose the belly sunshine or do a bit more fitness.
  8. Constructive criticism..........all us old tw@ts ran better times than this we know it and can prove it and could probably still do it I do a 300 BPFA at 38
    (boast over).

    Encouragement is what this fine young person needs at this time...............pain; and the reality of truly physically demanding tests comes later :twisted:

    Either its what youve always wanted to do or................ :evil:
  9. ooohhh check out paula ratcliffe!! :wink:
  10. Question:

    What is a BPFA? Army only or military-wide?

    I gather it's a fitness test, but what composes the events for it?

    How is it scored?

    What other factors are included (e.g. age, gender, duty position, etc).?
  11. Yes 8)
  12. Tracy-Paul

    used to be called a Basic Fitness test.

    1.5 mile run

    Heaves (Pull-ups chest to a bar arms fully extended) as many as you can.

    Sit ups (to keep up to a bleep test) as many as you can.

    I think if you are 30 or above you are allowed a little longer on the run.

    there probably are other allowances for females not sure what they are because we haven't got any in our fine regiment.

    I don't think there are allowances for other jobs - I could be wrong but I thought it was just that - A Basic fitness test.

    I'm sure someone from one of the corps can tell us.
  13. A BPFA is a fitness test scored on a sliding scale over three tests and dependant on age group.

    It consists of Press up' s, Sit up's and a 800 mtr warm up followed by a 1.5mile run at your individual best effort.

    Those of us who have some pride still set ourselves the 18-30 age group targets.

    Then there is a 30- 35 age group the timing for their run is 11 mins.

    And for my age group 35-40 you can catch a bus, have a slow walk or crawl in at 11.30 mins.

    Methinks the young man ought to be trying harder
  14. I seem to remember doing pull ups at the last one.
  15. No it's definately press-ups and sit ups now. I remember a test that did involve heaves and dips but that was at least 10 years ago - can't remember what it was called though.