1.5 Mile Run Times & Personal training

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i've been training hard for past 4/5 months as I'm planning on doing midlands challenge. Have my selection this weekend. Just wondering if anyone else is doing it and what times people are getting on 1.5 mile?

At the moment I can do it in about 10:15 (As opposed to 14 minutes in January) but im still not happy with that.

Have been training for 4/5 months and although i'm definately a lot fitter now (& 2 stone lighter) i'd have expected for my time to be better still, am i pushing it too far? Whats the average times?
Try throwing in a weekly hill session. This worked for me;

Find the biggest steepest hill you can and rep it at a slow steady (walking/jogging) pace for, say 1/2 hr building to 2-3 hrs over the period of a few weeks. Stash drinks/gels somewhere and keep yourself fed & watered. Don't try too hard, the objective is to finish the routine not burn out, and again, the objective is to increase the time spent climbing not climb faster - although this will happen anyway.

I switched from a flattish road running midweek session (speed/distance) to a fell running one (climb climb climb) as above last year and a happy by product of this was a reduction in PB for 1.5m from 9:18 to 8:59, aged 41.

If you don't have hills nearby, try something like step ups onto a chair, ascending a staircase, or a stair step machine (don't hold the handrails if you can help it). Big hills are best though!

Talk to your PTI about this though, he/she may be able to give you a more specific routine tailored to your age/weight and what you are doing at the moment etc and check with your MO/GP if you have health issues.


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