1.5 mile run time

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by mrchinnery, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the required 1.5 mile run time at adsc for intelligence corps hopefuls? I've heard run time requirements are different for different corps.

  2. RSC not ADSC.
  3. You could of course use the analytical skills that the Corps will be more interested in and figure it out. So to help this process I'll give you a clue - we do not as a rule close with the enemy in our day-to-day jobs. Now go figure how many pies you can get away with eating! Alternatively for a laugh you could treat it as you should any job application and do the best that you possibly can.

    Whatever the ADSC standard is - you will be required to be better than that when you get into training and even better when you reach your first unit so step away from the pie get off your arrse and pound some pavements.
  4. I'm belming as I type this.
  5. Mr McH

    Just do the best you can! Our Corps will soon suss(?) you out as being a lightweight achiever and bin you accordingly!

    On the other hand you could just try your proper really bestest best and gain entry to the Corps without just getting to the minimum requirements.

    Henceforth you will have a great time.

    Ask C-R for confirmation, you could even fly helicopters! (Sorry CR for name in vain etc!)
  6. CIntMan You're wasting your time matey! No Corps skills on his post I'm afraid
  7. Ignore these cretins. It's 13 and a half minutes carrying 20 rolled up maps, 3 pencil cases and two cups of coffee for the Boss.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Also, nice photo of yourself on avatar...
  9. That is the most intelligent thing any of you have said thus far.
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  14. Of course it was - but how would you know - we've passed our recruit selection and our trade training so your opinion is informed by what exactly?

    You also clearly don't get the irony meant by g2_loony_bin's comment which tells me that you need to be worrying about more than your fitness if you ever want to join the Intelligence Corps.
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