1.5 Mile run! The truth is out there!

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Hi All,

I have just passed my selection process and I have a place at catterick in January!
I did my selection process in August and left with a A Grade! I was quite impressed only a couple of lads also got the grade!

Loads and I mean loads of lads post on here 1.5 mile run time help? what time?

Listen, you need to get below 11 mins to pass with a good grade, you dont want to be dragging along at the back with a group; dont look good at all.

I found Running, Running Maps and Running Routes, Runners Community | MapMyRUN helpfull, look at ur local area and map a run, say atleast 2 mile! coz you hv the 800 meter warm up before! its the exact distance. Its better to be able to run over than under; makes sence!

As for the 1.5 mile run, farylek training does ya really good and also long distance running, it can shave off 2 weeks training. Get fit quick is hill running I was told by my recruiter, I found it helpfull!

Theres no point listening to others about what the times are and that!

best thing to do is ditch the treadmill, get some running shoes and get out there!
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