1.5 mile run question!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Snot, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Evening gentleman –

    Just found this site seems a good place to ask my question

    I wanna join the signals and I understand there is this 1.5mile run whooo - and you got to do it in 10.30mins - I can do it in about 12mins will the army guys let me in for basic training at that time or is 10.30 the time u need to get after phase 1?

    PLease- advice will be appreciated comical or serious!!!
  2. If you are a female, your current time may just suffice. If not, I suggest that you leave your cyber world and start putting some miles on your disco trainers.
  3. If at 34 I can still do sub 9:30 so can you. Just run faster....!
  4. There's more than one of us, you know. This isn't a lone bloke's saddo site.

    As for the 12 minute question. If you are serious about joining you'll be serious about reducing that time. Pop into your local running shop (not a JJB Sports Supermarket thing) and ask them for advice. Get yourself a good pair of running traininers that are suitable for your weight and running style - this should reduce the chance of injury. And then - GO FOR A RUN. And do it again and again. You will soon get that time down. If you can't - Burger King has some excellent job opportunities...
  5. first got back in to training a couple of months ago and my time was 11 mins after the first few weeks i got it down to 9mins 50 now after 2 months i have it down to just under 9mins as of last night. All you have to do is pull your finger out and get outside with your kit on and try.

    Set yourself some goals to meet, not too high but also not too easy. eg after 2 weeks aim for 11mins 30 and so on untill you get it down to the time you want.

    It will all be worth it in the end and remember the first few weeks are the worst but stick with it and you'll be sweet
  6. Get yer time down.....

    I'll tell you before the PTI's do...;)
  7. Grow old and then get 11 mins like me!!!! :lol:
  8. We had to do the BF"T" with boots on. You had 11.5 mins if you were under 30. Now Im a big bloke and I had to focus to pass a BFT.

    Just as I reach 30 years of age and the extra minute (12.5 mins with boots) the system says you can wear trainers now and drops my time to 10.5 mins. Gutted :(
  9. What are the highest possible scores for the BPFA?

    I am currently working on my fitness as I have let it slide in the last few months and have always found press ups to be a real drama being of the 'racing snake' build.

    While currently being unable to meet the minimum amount of press ups (but they are coming along nicely) I am looking for the max score as a target. Passing at the minimum is a target but it is the minimum after all...

    Many thanks to anyone who could provide the info.



  10. 300
  11. 300 push ups in 2mins? 8O Gulp

    Don't think I'll be managing that.
  12. 300 push ups in 2mins? Gulp

    Don't think I'll be managing that.

    It's not quite that bad only 100 of those 300 points come from press ups and it does not mean 100 press ups either you need to do a certain number for your age group to collect 100 points. Do less and you score less points etc. Speak to a PTI for exact details.
  13. I did my selection in back in Nov and they let people in with a run times up to 12:30 but the para`s had to be in under 9:40, I got a 9:37! its not all about the running (but it is an inportant part of the physical test) its more to do with your attitude while you are there and your ability to do what you are told do and not what you think.

  14. If my memory is correct, to score 100 points for the run, a male under 30 needs to run 8 mins 30, for the press ups 72, can't remember what the requirement to score 100 is for sit ups, but don't worry - just keep banging them out for the whole 2 mins and you won't be far off - beware of burning out your hip flexors too much (that's why you need to train) as this can haev a devastating effect on how fast you run your BPFA. Looking forward to getting 11:30 on my next birthday - determined to come in sub 10 mins stil