1.5 mile run pre adsc

I have just found out that I have my 1st pre ADSC PD personal develoment day on Friday, just found out this morning. I have been training extra hard for 1.5 mile run the last 3 weeks, doing plent 5 and 7 milers knowing that it was coming up, does anyone think it would do any harm to attend the running club tonight and do some fartlek training, this is something I have been doing every Tuesday, then rest the following 2 days to hammer the run on Friday.

If you could let me know what your opinions are, as im in two minds wether to attend a hard training session tonight or just rest?
Rest. If you aren't at the standard now then another beasting session won't do you any good.

Just my take on it.
Yeah you should be fine mate.

If you have been running 5-7 miles and training well you should be fine on the 1.5 miler.

Train tonight as normal, go for a decent walk tomorrow.

Carb up on the thrusday, have a good breakfast on Friday morning and go for gold on your run.
Good grief.... it's 1.5 miles!!!!!!! 8 pints of wife beater and a kebab the night before should do you fine bud!

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