1.5 mile run at catterick

hi. i passed my selection at pirbright late february and my intake date is may 5th for paras.
i ran 9.40 at selection (id been there before and did well in other areas so was allowed more time) and am told that the hilly route at catterick has to be done in under 9.30.

firstly when are the screening tests done and what happens to those who dont make the cut on the 1.5 mile? i.e sent home never to be seen again or allowed back? or do they get to stay?

Ill start off with the universal snap answer...

'It depends....'

If theyve got lots of bods on the course they may choose to put you in the 'get fit quick' platoon, thrash you silly, then put you on the next intake... but that's not likley (unless you take the piss and come in at 10 mins).

What's more likely is your card will be marked from the start, and youll have to show a marked improvement and keen'ness right from the get go, otherwise theyll have you down as a waster, and youll get backsquadded at week 6 (which are a long 6 weeks indeedy). Its best not to get noticed at the start of the course, and definately not noticed for the wrong reasons.

I was in the same boat as you, ran a 9.32 at RSC, but thrashed everything else, and when I got to Catterick I ran a 8.58, so don't go slashing your wrists just yet. Remember, the racing snakes arent always so quick once theyve got a bit of weight on their back ;)
thanks so much mate you gave me the perfect answer and i can feel the blood rushing to my penis. i just dont want to get sent home. i dont care if im beasted everyday i just want in and will do what it takes. i just doubt myself at the moment when it comes to fitness.

whats this 'get fit quick' platoon you speak of? is it done in depot or is it a training programme to be completed at home?


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