1.5 Mile run - advice please

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Subayai, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. I'm going through the process of joining the army, and I've been told I should get my 1.5 mile run down to 10:30. At the moment, I can only do 14:00 which is obviously bad. The main problem is I get a terrible side stitch and find it hard to breathe, and have to stop multiple times during the run before the pain subsides. I've been told I should try to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, but when I try this it feels like I'm breathing half as hard as I should do. The trade I'm going for is Systems Engineer Technician, so although its listed as being required under 14:00, its been hinted at that unless its about 10:30 I'm likely to fail on that account.

    Could I get some advice from you experienced chaps and lasses to help improve my performance, to improve my breathing and to help deal with that side stitch?

    Also, would anyone happen to know if AFCO are open on May Day? I've looked around on the careers site but don't see any information for that.
  2. Yes, 14 mins is too slow!

    I find that it helps if I do not eat, and drink only water and then only moderately, for two hours before I run.

    Don't try to do it all at once; aim for 13:30 first - not 11 mins! Try your local gym/leisure centre for advice.

    The AFCO will be closed on Monday; it's a Bank Holiday!

  3. I myself went to join the TA only a month or so ago and on the night I turned up I was shoved in a white van & packed off to Leicester for a medical, a few weeks later I had to turn up to an RSD, on which I did my 1.5mile run in 11:55 which was pretty shit.. saying that all I do is sit around at home and home done for the past five years working from home.

    I got myself a Gym ticket and have been spending about an 3-4 hours in the gym working on running and weight training, sorry but that's about all the advice I can offer you, get training. -Not trying to be mean or should like a sod, but if I can do it anyone can I have been a proper lazy Cu*t over the years, drinking, eating and switching the TV channel over more then I care to remember.. Gotta love the Simpson's!

    So really, get out and about.. make sure you warm-up and warm-down. best of all their are chicks in the gym and it's nice to have a browse around while your working out :)
    -eat proper foods, my diet now consists of pasta for complex carbs, and plenty of protein from tune after training tonnes of salad and no beer try to stop smoking or at least cut down. I have by half in only a month!

    -I know it's only the TA and your trying out for the Reg's but you have to do this, maybe not as I am doing but find your own route.. trust me a little pain now and it will become allot easier later, even saying this I could train allot harder but I do fear doing some damage to myself.

    -On that note I am going off to my Phase 1 this coming weekend and so for this I am going to the gym everyday this week to work solely on my running/sit-up & press-up skills. I don't fancy flunking or making it hard on myself by doing nothing.

    I'm sure allot of the other will say something along the lines of what I have, you'll do fine! if you could at least get your time down by 1min it's better then nothing and it shows your willing, eager and committed to doing what you want :)

    *you'll do fine & I would like to hear how you get on with this, I don't know much in the way of fitness as I am tied to a computer all day.. What I have learnt about fitness is from that chaps and ladies at the gym..Asking stupid questions, trying out things like weight-gain, sleeping a strict regime.. Just getting good fuel you could say and it's doing me quite well. :)

    [Quick edit] I now drink about 4 to 5 Litres of water per day, I find this helps allot!
  4. I am not serving myself but I am also hoping to join in september.

    My understanding is:

    10.30 is the minimumm time you will need to pass (not forgetting the pressups and situps).

    14.00 mins is shocking (sorry it is) - you really need to get that time down.

    I would suggest:

    doing the 1.5 miler twice a week, and do a longer run ( 5 - 8 miles) once a week at a 8.5 - 10 min a mile pace.

    also do some sprint training once a week - where you sprint as hard as you can for 30 seconds then walk for 30 seconds repeat this 6 times.

    I have been doing this for some time now and have my 1.5 mile time down to 8 min 30 seconds.

    Good luck :) and keep at it.
  5. 8:30 is a good time :) I would like something around that time :)
    Guess I will find out this weekend :)
  6. Sounds like you need to get your endurance up by a different method. Get yourself on a rowing machine or on a pushbike. Before I joined up, I used to play a lot of rugby (prop) but my endurance wasn't fantastic. I got into x-country mountain biking and also had a road bike for long rides (50-60 miles) that I did once/twice a week at a constant steady pace. The end result was me doing sub 9 minute 2.4km runs after only a month or so. Not a fcuking chance of me doing that now though...

    And I had an excuse for wearing lycra in public.....
  7. Stiches are a real bitch...

    Besides not eating before training I think how you breath can help too. Try to get into the habit of taking deep belly breaths not short shallow ones. When exhaling try pursing your lips and forcing the air out. Worked for me...

  8. 14:00 is a good time as long as you started at 13:50! and its even a bad time if you want to join up as a girlie!
    The only way to reduce your time is up your training regime, do 2 miles runs rather then 1 1/2 and don't bother timing yourself until your fit enough to run the whole course.
    One pint of water and a mars bar 10 mins before a run is a wee tip and during your sticth open and close your fists. This helps with the blood flow and won't "heal" the stitch but will take your mind off it!
    And don't listen to advice from Civvies!
  9. I am involved with recruiting, the advice moon monkey spunk gives is not far off the mark. I do not know what age you are but you are obviously unfit and you stand no chance of passing recruit selection until you sort it out. I am involved with a course, which helps young people to overcome similar problems. There may be one of these courses in your area. Have a look at the link it may be of help http://www.militarypreparationcollege.co.uk/ Good luck
  10. What good will a mars bar do for a 2 mile run?
  11. I'm a qualified personal trainer (35) and was a phat bastard up to 28... I have some good training plans for interval/fartlek training and would be happy to sort you a plan out. Email me at kevjohn32@yahoo.co.uk if you want me to do a plan for you. I need your age, weight, height and exercise history.
  12. Would you advise someone who can't run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes to concentrate on interval training? Those new to running are better off sticking to steady state until they are at a reasonable fitness level before embarking on advanced running schedules such as fartlek and HIIT. Any PT worth his salt knows that!
  13. Fair one, The mars bar probably does nothing to the time but they do taste good!
  14. 14 minutes for a 1.5 mile run? You must be quite fit. My best time for a 1.5 miler is 17.25 and all the women beat me too. I'm not bothered though as my job means I don't have to be fit. My advice would be don't worry about it, you'll not get kicked out for it.