1.5 mile new recruit run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tooslow, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi lads well heres the story im 19 5 9'' and 11 and a half stone im in okay shape but ive never been good at running and rumour has it that i need to run under 14 minutes to get into the army for HR/ADMIN AND FINANCE I have my run in 3 weeks time and there's no way im going to be able to do it, my time was up at 18 mins but ive got it down to 15 mins is there any hope for me? i would run till i throw and show maximum effort but obviously there are standards, have you know anyone to ever fail the run and still graduate?

  2. You need to run with somebody who knows what they are doing and can get you going at the correct pace. From the dimensions you've given us, I can't believe that this run is beyond you, unless you have a club foot or some serious life threatening illness.
  3. Yeah i reckon i could just do it on the day but its going to be tight, im heavily built mys shoulders and neck and upper body are very muscular and my legs just seem to tie up under the weight.
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    (CAVEAT: This is a rumour. That’s why it's called the Army Rumour Service, though.)

    Digressing slightly, I've heard a very disconcerting rumour about PT in basic training.

    Apparently ATRA is trialling a "new style of PT lesson" at ATFC Arborfield (the Army Technical Foundation College). Rather than actually do any PT (i.e. running, circuit training, combat PT, et cetera), the focus of their PT lessons has shifted to the PTIs talking the little darlings through fascinating subjects such as nutrition, muscles, training theory, and so on. They rely upon the trainees getting fit in their own free time!!!. Sources say that - crazily - the injury rate has plummeted, thus making the budgeteers ecstatic. A cynic (or anyone with half a brain cell?!) might suggest that this is because the kids don't bother doing any fitness training... Obviously our glorious leaders anticipated this, so the corollary to this cunning strategy is to remove the requirement to pass BPFA or BCFT during Phase 1 or 2 training, and instead, air the aspiration that trainees should pass both of these tests within six months of entering the Field Army. That this shifts a considerable training deficit to the Field Army, and imposes further burdens on already busy units. It also ignores the fact that these soldiers may be expected to deploy on operations immediately upon joining their units, and that it's ATRAs job to ensure that they are fit to do so.

    Now, utterly ludicrous as this sounds, I'm inferring that there's a reason behind this: every trainee that remains within ATRA's TLB due to inability to pass tests, etc. is a termed a Soldier Awaiting Trade Training (SATT), and is held on the ATRA Initial Training Budget (ITB). From a solely financial perspective this plan would serve a purpose. Also, it avoids having to discharge trainees, which looks bad for ATRA figures (training completion/attrition rates in certain establishments were heavily criticised in the recent Adult Learning Inspectorate report on military recruit training http://www.ali.gov.uk/htm/about_mod.htm).

    Combat effectiveness, anyone???...

    (CAVEAT: This is a rumour. That’s why it's called the Army Rumour Service, though.)
  5. I would have thought when these guys are doing sexual attacks, and TABs and falling on there arrses the rest of the section might be encouraged to help them with their PT.

    I think that giving these young men and women the responsibilty to keep their level of fitness up is a positive thing.
    The odd one wont bother and will suffer at the hands of his/ her new unit.
    But for those that do, it will set a trend of personal responsibity to fitness through their careers.
    It generaly works in the TA, where regular PT is low on the list of things to get done.

    Just a thought.
  6. Isn't that the minimum time allowed for females?
  7. Yes its ten and a half mins for guys.

    To be honest if you cant do this, you will have a fairly uncomfortable introduction to the army, with remidial PT, or so i would hope.

    If you cant do this basic fitness test, take yourself away and sort it out, ie postpone the date you join if you can...
  8. Hey TooSlow and other newbies. These fitness tests are a minimum benchmark. They are nothing remarkable. If you are the age, size and weight you say you are then your fitness isn't your major problem; it is your mental focus. You are not training hard enough because you don't think that you can do it.

    Most young men have no idea what they are capable of when joining the Army. Many will give up and the rest, more mentally tough will make it.

    If you really want to get in cut back on the pies and get on the circuit training and running twice a day. Leave nothing to chance.

    Good luck.
  9. tooSlow at 11 stone you dont have much weight on you so cutting your BPFA timings should be a problem. As a PTI iadvise u do a lot of interval/fatlek type training that way u work your heart at different intervals which then builds a better VO2 capacity. practise doing the 1.5 in your own time and aim to beat ur time everytime, if that makes sense. lifestyle habits are an important factor to fitness so make sure u cut down on the booze, smoking and eating fast foods. in the build up to ur test make sure u r well hydrated and sleeping sufficiently. it disappoints me to learn that at the age of 19 you struggle with passing your BPFA get a grip u pathetic idiot!!!
  10. tooSlow at 11 stone you dont have much weight on you so cutting your BPFA timings should be a problem. As a PTI iadvise u do a lot of interval/fatlek type training that way u work your heart at different intervals

    sorry i meant "shouldnt be a problem"
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  12. sounds like another 'walt' to me
  13. General Melchett

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    Most certainly another walt.

    (I'm not a real General you know)
  14. soz guys but theres no point in arguing! i just did a week with the army and the BPFA varies depending on where your goin. But there is some good news, to be an infantry soldier (male) the time used to be 10.30 but its changed to 11.30. Good job, cos im 15 an got 11 exactly. i don't think its that bad but i could do beta. BPFA also includes for infantrymen, 45 press ups in 2 mins and i think...55 sit ups. i only failed sit-ups, oh well. if u ve got any questions just ask!

    j master j...
  15. Haha! It was alllll going so well...till the end bit - haha!