1.5 mile in a month

hi i did a 1.5 mile run today with the recruting office and i got 10.20 im going for the paras and need to get it down to at least 9 min in a month.what is the best way to get the time off in a month?
The recruiting office hold PT days? Ive heard of this before.
And i would run 4 runs a week mate, 3 mile and halfs 2 steady jog and 1 best effort and a 3-5 mile at the end of the week
pass rate for the Paras is 9:18, just keep running 3 times a week, with sprint/interval training, also concentrate on visualisation techniques as the mind will give you a boost in your training!

I started out at 10:00, then 9:18, now I'm running 1.5 miles in 8:30 - sometimes faster, I've always hated running though, just keep up the training, also make sure you get a decent supply of food in, protein, carbs, fruits/veg etc...
i was lazy over christman so only started training again about 2 weeks ago.i was getting about 9.15 when training but on the day my legs wouldnt move!!!would running twice a day be better than just once?wb
hmmm just run about 5 times a week and give it your best but dont hurt yourself! hows your upper body strength? ive just come off selection (and passed wahoo!) and a couple of guys wanted to join the paras and were told if their upper body strength was good particuly the back strength test then they could afford to run it in about 9.38.
don't run twice a day your body needs time to rest and recover! Make sure you take at least one day a week off running - doesn't mean you can't cycle or swim though ?
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