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Builds 1/35th scale White Scout car M3A1 with Eduard detail set


Is it an optical illusion or is the head-shed looking chap standing on his driver...?


The phot had been reversed I think, look at the lettering on the door.

Unless the vehicle was comandeered from a lend-lease shipment intended for the Russians, of course...



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Looking closer at the rupert's kit and headgear, I think we have Polish troops here. The picture has been reversed though.


Damned fine job there Sprocks! One question, didn't British units bin the roller?
That's nice, wait until it's sealed in FOREVER and then ask a question like that.

(Written just after @Smeggers' observation. Posted today. Timing is everything)
yes the roller looks to be an unusual item in the British inventory, but as a few early ones kept the roller, they would be well worn and weathered by the time I came to make a scale model of that one, hence the effort put into the intricate weathering. This model is now on sale at Sussex Model Center, I hope it's future owner appreciates the effort taken. But it may pay for some new kits.
The Airfix original crew are pleased with the end result.
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