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Builds 1/35th scale Panhard AML 90 Armoured car by Tiger Model

I never served on AMLs but friends who did (Irish) said that they would routinely take off the wing mirrors on range days as the blast from the gun would break them. Also,the side doors were left ajar before firing, as the overpressure inside the cab would hurt the crews heads. The doors would swing open if left unrestrained and a door with a spare tyre on it was regarded as a menace,as it could swing shut without warning from the weight of the tyre overcoming the lock. The flat four 85 hp engine was regarded as a menace, being petrol in a confined space and being underpowered. They were later replaced with turbodiesels in a new aft hull.
but the good news on them was? .......was there anything that worked?
but the good news on them was? .......was there anything that worked?
For the Irish, it cleared out all the old shit left from ww2 / the emergency and gave them a good car and gun and it was mostly reliable. It lacked power steering and the engine was shit. By the time it was retired, it was so obsolete, it was beyond redemption and the old M3 left service with it,forMowags.
so wheels, as this model shows the wheels, they're quite predominant to the whole look of the vehicle, I've started the process of wear and tear and weathering the tyres, it's all a bit trial and error to be honest, base coat of matt black, wash over with tyre black from Life color, lighter wash of sand.... so they all match they have to be done together in the same order. You only know it's working once the washes have dried, then on to the next shade.
the two halves of the hull welded together with contacta cement, something from revell that's really good. Pegs hold the floor down while the melted joins harden.
hull welded together pegs.jpg


hull top clamped down,
hull top clamped down.jpg

as I've sealed in the engine beyond view, I'll leave this hatch open to let light into the fighting compartment.
but I have promised my little Sister a model of the little boat she crossed the Atlantic in to come and visit, she married a rich American, nice chap. She is over again in June, so I'd better get a hurry on with it, there's no rush on the Bug restoration, that's gonna take years.
artwork on box top.png
woke the airbrush up after it's sat idle for so many months, all I could manage was a basic base coat, very thinned and came out rather wet, let that dry off and go over it again with another coat of lighter olive drab, just letting patches of this show through.
first base coat from airbrush.png

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