Builds 1/350th scale HMS Dreadnaught by Trumpeter


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Saw this guy exhibiting his work a few years back. Awesome work which has taken him a lifetime

Oh, yes. I looked him up on YouTube a few weeks back. Mad, but the world's a far better place for having such people in it.
Saw this guy exhibiting his work a few years back. Awesome work which has taken him a lifetime

He's built the 'RMS Queen Elizabeth'. Who knew it was a carrier as well?
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That lot should keep you busy for a bit. We used to have a navy then….
For my money, the best looking ship there was HMS Tiger, identifiable by only having a mainmast.


Two other oddities in the fleet were HMS Erin and Agincourt.

The Ottoman Navy ordered the Reşadiye - a King George V Class Battleship - in June 1911 (originally named Raşid V) and construction started later that year at Barrow in Furness. Churchill was concerned that these would enter the Imperial German Fleet so had her seized in 1914, as the Turkish crew were about to take her over. She became HMS Erin in Royal Naval service. The second ship was a one-off battleship Rio de Janiero ordered by Brazil in 1911 as part of the South American arms race. Construction on the Tyne was delayed when the global price of rubber collapsed, and the Ottomans bought her in December 1913 at a discount, and renamed the Sultan Osman-ı Evve. She was a unique design, and was - when launched - the most powerful battleship in the world. She became HMS Agincourt in the Royal Navy, and like Erin, had a minor role in the Battle of Jutland (1916). Both had a largely uneventful war and both were broken up in 1922.

This apparent English 'perfidy' still pervades Anglo-Turkish relations today; 5 years ago the Turkish Government raised the issue of compensation for these two vessels, with the MOD.
The simplest way to mount the model, on wheel halves from the spares box, painted in with the base, it props the hull high enough from the base without being overly distracting.
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