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Builds 1/35 Commer Q2 Tractor Unit with Tasker 33ft Trailer by Wespe models


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Tonight's efforts have virtually finished the build. The tractor unit had it's wheels fitted and headlights adjusted. I am still awaiting delivery of some decent acetate for the windscreen and will fit it post-build.
The underside of the trailer is simple enough, but ensure you have the framing the right way round. There are cut-outs for the frames, but if they are fitted the wrong way round, they will stand proud, obstructing the legs. As I wanted my vehicle with the trailer in tow, I fixed the legs in the transit position. Next was the guide slides. Fitting these is quite an education. The instructions show them in one position, but on examination of various books, I found the slides should be mounted at 45° to the trailer base, giving a more positive feel.
Prior to fitting the suspension, fit the mudguards. This gives a good register for the suspension The trailer suspension fits on top of the framing. A little cutting and carving is required to fit the axle onto the leaf springs. After the usual grey car primer had dried, I have the whole trailer assembly a spray of Vallejo Luftwaffe Blue. Once that was dried, metal areas were given a dry-brushing of silver while the main platform of the trailer received a black wash followed by a light dry-brushing of deck tan. Various stains were added to the "wooden" surfaces and dulled down for age. Rust was added using Burnt Orange, Burnt Umber and Matt Black.
There is further to come on this model, but it will have to stay in suspended animation for a while. So, until then, here it is Wespe's Commer Q2 Tractor with Tasker 33ft Trailer.




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