Builds 1/32 TBM-3 Gruman Avenger from Trumpter


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There is one thing I have noticed about the Corsair, I suspect that's a training bird. First observation is that wing tips are not clipped, (to fit in our armoured carriers), she's also got the gas diamond painted on the port wing. Also the stall straike on the port wing is missing. Lastly the aircraft in the photo don't appear to have any unit markings.
I suspect that what we're looking at is a training establishment for ground crew. Hence the mix of types.
just having the debate with myself about FAA colours having looked at a few planes that were operating in the Channel with the d-day black and white stripes. I'm about to go and see if Avengers were flown were RAF or Fleet Air Arm.
Blimey. Everything from all-over navy(?) to nearly all-white (711 Sqn) with the three-tone scheme in between.

Which are you erring towards? Three-tone?
dunno yet. There appears to be a bit of variation. Quite tempted by the D-Day stripes, but I need to do a bit of research. I'm already committed with one colour on the turret but I cant remember which one I used!!!! faaaark.

Back off to die quietly - man flu
managed to get a little bit of time in last night. Quick test fit



Pilot painting today!
so first things first which is a coat of flat flesh and a coat of leather brown as base coats


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