Builds 1/32 TBM-3 Gruman Avenger from Trumpter

Bombs in. Made a reasonable bit of progress today




Need to get the dremel on the set of the Tiffy pilot next
thats me done for the night


Just got the final oxygen bottle in


Bit of a touch up on that seat and the harness in and thats it done, apart from a bit of weathering with a black wash
started to chop the Tiffy pilot up. If he stood up, her look more like Douglas Bader

apart from a wash before I seal the glass, this is good to go

he's got his arms:)


busy week next week so may not got much done on the pilot, or anything else for that matter!
There is one thing I have noticed about the Corsair, I suspect that's a training bird. First observation is that wing tips are not clipped, (to fit in our armoured carriers), she's also got the gas diamond painted on the port wing. Also the stall straike on the port wing is missing. Lastly the aircraft in the photo don't appear to have any unit markings.

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