Figures 1/32 scale British Infantry DDay Diorama.

I was looking through the D Day GB from a while back and noticed my images have all gone the way of the DO DO due to the image host tinypics going down the pan, after a search on my files I found the original build pictures, so here's a chance to re post the Infantry Diorama I made back then using the Airfix Multipose kit from the 70's? 80's?
box art.jpg

the set provides parts for 12 figures, and the ability to mix and match to produce at least ten individual poses, so here we go.
box side art.jpg

the good thing about doing a figure diorama in 1/32 scale is the details are larger, and the weapons are much better in this larger scale.

the basic idea of this diorama is troops taking cover against a sloping wall of a knocked out bunker, the general impression is a tight, concentrated Infantry situation.
base a.jpg

the sea wall is cracked and battle damaged, using polyfilla
base d.jpg
looking at the molds in the kit, they are standard Airfix, with considerable mold lines to be scraped.

faces, not to modern standards of molding, but pretty good for the time, and usable here.
making up a few basic figures without any kit at this stage, just to work out some basic positions.
early ideas.jpg

some interaction between a wounded figure and someone rendering first aid
MEDIC a.jpg
kneeling rifleman, firing over the wall.
rifleman kneeling position.jpg

KIA, face down.

looking at the developing diorama from a low angle point of view.
low angle view early on.jpg
the 44 pattern helmet guy about to put down a two inch smoke bomb so they can get over the wall, the mortar isn't included in the kit, so it's scratch built from something out of the scrap box, never throw anything away.
2 inch mortar.jpg
moving on,.. I didn't want to overdo the blood, but it needed to be there in subtle amounts. Soaking into a first field dressing.
blood a.jpg

blood b.jpg

blood soaking into the sand
blood c.jpg


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Excellent job there mate!


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I loved those old airfix multipose kits, you're right, the weapons and other kit are far more detailed.

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