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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. ...where the Americans are involved.
  2. Indeed.

    If they drove erratically towards an army VCP, what did they think would happen?
  3. It is possible that the driver made a mistake. So, what? No problem from your point of view? Iraqis should be told to be more careful on roads and that's all?

    Now suppose that they were your children. Would you accept this easy explanation? Would you wish to kill as many accupants as you can?

    Now let's mirror your logic: Americans erratically invaded Iraq, what did they think would happen?
  4. You'd think the locals would have switched on to american check points and ROE by now

    Keep up your anti everything stance KGB, at least your predictable unlike most americans manning VCP's


  5. I know, they were driving down the road in their own country - what else could they expect ?

    These checkpoints are temporary and not necessarily expected or well signed. The driver probably saw it, bricked it as guns were aimed and arms waved and before he could work out what the hell was going on the car got brassed up. I'd bet some more money as well that the US followed their own force protection guidelines and left the car plus bodies in place for the Iraqis to clear up.

    Now, put yourself in the shoes of someone who lives there and sees what happened. Do you:

    a. Shout "Thank you our US liberators !"
    b. Shout "You child murdering foreign b@stards are going to pay !"

    And when some Saudi jihadi following some loopy version of your own religion turns up burning to kill some foreigners do you:

    a. Slot him - that crazy mofo is bad news;
    b. Point him at the Americans and wish him good luck.

    Note to US readers: you can hand out all the freebies you like, refurbish schools and get the services working again but guess what the locals remember the longest.

    Frankly though, the insurgents have won this one. If US troops don't brass up anything that comes near they get blown up. If they do they kill more and more locals who hate them for it. Do these checkpoints achieve anything other than giving the insurgents something to aim at and create civvy casualties that help them recruit ? No ?


    FFS, try learning from experience once in a while.
  6. Not sure if I've read this properly... are you saying the Brits don't use checkpoints in the South?

  7. No, what I am saying is that if conditions are such that your use of checkpoints results in a constant stream of civvy fatalities that recruit for the enemy perhaps a change of tactic is required. What we do under different circumstances is not relevant.
  8. Yet another own goal for the spams! :roll:

    When will they learn that STUPID mistakes (And thats what this is) only serve to recruit another 10 recruits to the insurgency.

    a sad loss for the family and im sure something that will weigh on the soldiers conscience for a good while
  9. Hey we can't talk...we shoot people who look foreign and board the Tube. :evil:
  10. As to American soldieirs then what would I do on their place? The answer is obvious. My wife and children also have right to see me alive. So have I right to blame the soldiers? Have I blamed them? No and no. Moreover, can I blame American generals in Iraq? They are professionals and make all possible to reduce casualities of own soldiers. If I would be told that Check Points are very useful to resolve this task then I would not have any objections.

    But one thing is obvious. Professional level of American soldiers is not too high. Look, 5 have been killed (including 3 children), 3 have been wounded but

    I guess that if you begin live fire then your main target should be a driver. The lad must thank Allah that the soldiers on CP were not well trained.

    If we recall the case with killed Italian (the journalist was wounded) then the driver also escaped injury.