1,2,3,4 or 5 RIFLES

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by shake, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Lo everyone, just had my BARB test and have my interview next week, basically im just wondering if anyone here is in the Rifles and what they could tell me about their particular Batallion.

    The nearest to me is 4 Rifles, but im not sure whether I want to join mechanised, purely because light infantry sounds like a more "soldiery" role. Anyone have any insights?

    Cheers, Shake
  2. It makes little difference, mechanized just means you drive to your Bn attack and not walk
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    All battalions are light infantry. Except that some light infantry are mechanized.
  4. Clearly not much help so far!! All infantrymen are trained at Catterick as Light "Role" Infantrymen first and foremost. Thereafter you will be posted as a Rifleman/Private/Ranger/Kingsman to a Battalion within an Infantry Division.

    In your particular case the "Light Division" which includes the Rifles could send you to any Rifles battalion. You can express a preference if you wish. The Rifles have a Warrior Armoured Infantry battalion in Germany, A Bulldog Mechanised Infantry battalion in Bulford, A Light Role battalion permanently attached to 3 Commando Brigade and two further Light Role battalions, Edinbrough and Ballykinler (Northern Ireland).

    I would think about where you want to be based for your first posting. Therafter you are likely to remain with that battalion for at least 6 years before being posted outside the battalion. So if you get homesick, stay local. If you want to see the world other than Afghanistan or Iraq I suggest you try Germany because it won't be there one day!
  5. Ah ok, so it sounds to me like it makes little difference if you mechanised or not.. That would make my preference Salisbury because it would be nice not to have to spend my whole months pay on one flight/train home etc..

    One more question though, all the recruitment documents and such make a point of saying Ballykinler is one of the best equipped bases in the army in terms of rooms and housing, anyone know what Bulford is like? And just to point out I would love to be posted to Paderborn far above the all the others, but wet as it sounds Id prefer to start my career somewhere closer to home.

    Cheers, Shake
  6. Utter tosh. Germany will be around for donkeys.... Unless the French grow a set and try to wipe it off the map. I wouldn't worry too much about rising sea levels either mate, quite a few hills in the south :wink:
  7. After 6 yrs service in NI I can tell you that B'Kinler does have nice houses and accomodation, but its the back end of beyond, rains all the time and the locals don't like you! Plus it costs a fortune to travel from NI to the mainland and most people joining the "Ulster" Rifles do so because they're a bunch of bog-trotting ulster biggots who don't like the idea of moving to far from Norn Iron! Stick to Bulford or Germany young man.

    To SH,

    4X returning to UK this year, The ARRC by 2012, follow the trend my friend!!

  8. But still do op tours every year , c/*t

    And did you,s not have a bog trotting ulster bigot officer attached to yous for telic ?
  9. Weymouth last sunday (15th june)

    The Rifles,as successors to the Devonshire & Dorset regiment,

    Were granted the freedom of the Borough.

    And very smart they looked too
  10. I was with 5 Rifles when it was still Light Infantry and they were a pretty good bunch - better now I suspect coz of the influx of "other" cap badges. They are a Warrior battalion based in Germany - another two very good reasons to consider them.
  11. im joining 3 rifles based in edinburgh...got catterick in 8 days!!!
  12. 1 Rifles - 3 cmdo brigade chepstow
    2 Rifles - Light Infantry Northern Ireland
    3 Rifles - Light Infantry Edinburgh
    4 Rifles - Bulford Mechanised
    5 Rifles - Armoured Paderborn Germany

    In my honest opinion 5 would be the best btn to go to if your single, Paderborn is a single mans dream if you know what I mean ;) however, 3 Rifles is a bloody get LI btn as well, so take your pick, 5 is the way though.
  13. since im joining 3 rifles, if you know what its like etc...could you shed any light on to what ever info you have about that battalion(like the place, etc...)

    many thanks

  14. Are you still in the application stage or are you going through training?

    Not much to say about it really, nice bunch of lads, when I've been out with any of them we have a right crack.. Accomodation there is pretty standard, nout special... er, dun really know what else to tell you lol..
  15. 1 Rifle as you will need both hands to fire it effectively

    Jeeves my coat there's a good chap